5 Most Awaited Esports Tournaments in 2024

The growing attitude towards esports encouraged the organization of more esports tournaments across the world. Esports followers have more than enough opportunities to enjoy their favorite video games. By joining one of the events, they can have fun and make a solid profit at the same time. Bettors will also be able to put money at stake and wait for their bet to be right.

The esports industry has come a long way in the last several decades. In 2024, it doesn’t seem to slow down. The same goes for GGBET Dota 2, CS: GO, LoL, and other games. So let’s take a look at some of the major esports tournaments to come this year.

5 Esports Tournaments to Watch in 2024

Source: techstory.in

1. CS: GO – BLAST Paris Major, France

Valve, the creator of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, hosts two major tournaments every year. PGL Major and the IEM Major break viewership records every time they are conducted. Millions of CS:GO fans don’t want to miss an opportunity to watch their favorite teams and players. They also don’t want to miss a chance of making a solid profit in a short time.

The special thing about the majors is that they let BLAST act as the tournament organizer. In fact, BLAST has never been an official partner of Valve. It has hosted multiple standalone tournaments without Valve’s collaboration though. No wonder CS: GO, followers, view BLAST as the best tournament organizer out there. It won’t be a big surprise if we see an official collaboration between BLAST and Valve in the nearest future.

2. League of Legends – World Championship, South Korea

The League of Legends World Championship is the most significant event in the League of Legends schedule. Being one of the most popular MOBA esports, it demonstrates a high level of viewership. More than two million people watch how the best teams from around the world compete in the tournament to win their share of the huge prize pool.

After the success of LoL World Championship 2022, game enthusiasts are expecting the same level of organization this year. Even though the event’s location is still unknown, the insiders call South Korea the most possible location for the upcoming tournament. What you can do it to wait for the updates to come in the near future.

3. Valorant – Valorant Champions Tour, South Korea

Source: valo2asia.com

Valorant is an interesting and engaging esports game supported by Riot Games. The latter one is planning to host a VCT Masters tournament this year. This is the first time a tournament of this kind will take place in the Asian region.

Esports fans from South Korea will go crazy when seeing Korean teams such as DRX playing on the stage. Well, other fans from the Asian region won’t be less excited about the new location of the Valorant Champions Tour in 2024. The organization is going to be on the highest level possible.

4. Dota 2 – The International 2024

The Dota 2 International is probably the main tournament in the esports industry. This has become the case due to an extremely large prize pool. In 2024, teams will be fighting to get their share of more than $40 million.

The International is viewed by many as an annual celebration for the Dota 2 community. People who don’t even play the game enjoy tuning in to follow significant matches, as the stakes get considerably higher as the tournament progresses.

5. Fortnite World Cup, Denmark

The Fortnite World Cup is a highly anticipated annual esports event. It features some of the world’s best Fortnite players, with thousands or millions of people watching the tournament online. It will take place across several different regions. It involves a series of competitions, from solo to squad.

The Fortnite World Cup’s organizers plan to conduct the tournament in Copenhagen by the end of the year. With 75 different duo teams involved, the prize pool of $4 million looks impressive. The bigger plan for competitive Fortnite in 2024 involves the return of the online Fortnite Champion Series or FNCS Tournament schedule.

Esports fans will be impressed with the variety of esports events this year. After the pandemic crisis, the betting community seems to be back to normal. Make sure to check the tournament schedule for your favorite video game in 2024.

Impact of Esports Tournaments on the Gaming Industry

Source: wilsoncenter.org

The surging popularity of esports tournaments has created a major impact on the gaming industry. As more people turn to professional gaming as an entertainment source or even a career, the market for esports tournaments is growing exponentially. Many of these tournaments come with high-reward payouts and sponsorship opportunities, and millions of viewers around the world tune in to watch their favorite teams and players compete.

The number of international competitions is only growing as brands create even larger tournaments and invest in their associated titles to draw more viewers. The increased availability also means higher stakes for individual matches, creating an even more intense viewing experience for fans.

One of the biggest impacts on the gaming industry from esports has been increased brand recognition among mainstream audiences. With celebrities endorsing these teams and players, esports has become much more noticeable—even if viewers never pick up a controller themselves they’re likely familiar with some prominent names involved in major competitions.

Furthermore, many non-endemic sponsors are now getting involved with computer gaming teams as they recognize its potential reach across different demographics within their target markets. This expanded brand recognition will continue to drive interest and importance when it comes to understanding its influence on the gaming industry over the next few years.


To conclude, although it is still two years away, many fans are already anticipating the exciting esports tournaments that will be available in 2024. These events will undoubtedly gather gamers from all over the world, showcasing their skills and proving that esports are more than just a hobby.

Regardless of which game you prefer, there will be something awesome for everyone in the year 2024!