11 Exciting Outdoor Things to Do This Summer

Are you thinking about exciting things to do this summer? Would you like to spend more time outdoors and be more active this summer?

When winter fades away and warmer weather welcomes you, it is the best time to get active and enjoy the outdoors. In this article, we discuss some of the exciting things that you can do outdoors alone or with some of your friends.

1. Camping

Camping is one of the outdoor activities that you can do with your family or friends to enjoy nature and strengthen your bond with family or friends. There are many camping sites that you can research and choose from to plan a camping trip.

To have a fun and rewarding camping trip, you will have to plan it and take along the essential things needed for camping. Games, food, eating utensils, camp stove, clothing, flashlights, and tents are just some of the important items for camping.

2. Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing is another outdoor activity that you can engage in during the summer if you have some experience with rock climbing.

This is an activity that can be dangerous; hence, if you don’t have experience rock climbing, it is advisable to get some experience before getting into rock climbing. It is challenging, but if you embrace the challenge, you can get good at rock climbing and slowly start climbing more challenging peaks and mountains. It is a thrilling experience.

3. Fishing

Fishing is another outdoor activity that you and your family or friends can do during the summer. Fishing is exciting and fun and poses new challenges that you will enjoy. It is a good experience wrestling with large fish and reeling them in. If you don’t have much experience with fishing, you can go with some friends or family members that are good anglers to help improve your fishing skills.

Trout, walleye, tilapia, bass, and croaker are just some of the fish that you can target when you go on fishing trips with your family or friends.

4. Surfing

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Surfing is another exciting outdoor activity that you can get involved with during the summer. If you love swimming, then you can try surfing to get the thrill of it and learn the basics. If you can find a surfing instructor to give you some basic lessons, it will help you cut down your learning curve. Surfing is just a great outdoor activity that you can get good at and easily become a favorite outdoor activity.

5. Photography

Photography is an inspiring and awesome activity to do. If you love nature and have a camera, you can start taking pictures of mountains, coastlines, sunsets, animals in the trees, picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, and many other natural sights. Photography can also be rewarding as you can generate income from your photos as you become more experienced with them.

6. Hunting

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If you love the thrill of hunting game, you can try hunting. It is advisable to find a mentor to guide you. Hunting is exciting but can also be dangerous. You will need to hunt with more experienced hunters if this is your first outing with hunting. There are many animals to hunt and you will need to choose one to target.

Your more experienced hunter friend will advise you about which animals will be the best for you to start hunting. Squirrels, wild turkeys, doves, deer, and rabbits are some of the game animals to begin your hunting career. If you are interested in hunting, then visit the Hunting Terrain for more information on hunting.

7. Hiking

Hiking is another outdoor activity that you can do this summer with family or friends. There are many good hiking trails and you can do some research to find hiking trails that are not far away from where you live. Find some safe hiking trails and plan with family or friends to hike during the summer.

8. Snorkeling

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If you want to enjoy the beauty of underwater, you can get involved in snorkeling. If you swim, then all you need is to get some reliable snorkeling gear to snorkeling. Snorkeling is a great way to enjoy the waters and discover the beauty it holds beneath. It is also a good way to take your spouse or significant other out for an exciting and memorable date.

9. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is another outdoor activity that you can do during the summer with your family or friends. If you are not afraid of horses and getting on their backs for a ride, then horseback riding is a good outdoor activity to do with family or friends. You can ride and explore the outdoors. Horseback riding can be an outdoor activity that you plan as a date with your spouse or significant other.

10. Whitewater Rafting

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If you like teamwork and are not afraid of currents and winding water paths, then you and your family or friends can sign up for whitewater rafting. It is exciting and fun. It is a challenge all by itself and will build a bond with your family or friends as you have to work together to steer the currents in the winding paths.

11. Skydiving

If you are not afraid of heights, or if you want to get the experience of skydiving and get over the fear of it, then skydiving is an exciting outdoor activity to sign up for. It is a unique experience as you will experience the view of the earth from high above and then descend back to the ground.


There are many outdoor activities that you, your family, or friends can do during the summer. These activities can help to strengthen the relationships with your family or friends. From snorkeling to skydiving, there are so many outdoor activities to do that we just couldn’t list all of them here. It is our hope that you will find some exciting and fun activities to do as the weather warms up.