One Month in Barcelona ─ 7 Best Hiking Trails

Barcelona is considered to be the favorite destination for hikers. This city is known for its impressive architecture, delicious food, traditions, cultures, etc. It is impossible to visit the whole city and try different hiking trails in a few days.

If you plan your vacation in Barcelona, you can stretch it to a month to explore some stunning hiking trails. You can connect yourself with nature when you climb high mountain ranges. There needs to be more than just a month of exploring hiking trails in Barcelona because this city is more than climbing mountains and enjoying a peaceful environment.

It is hard to get a second chance in our life, so you must spend at least one month exploring the trails and get a fantastic experience. In this write-up, you can explore the list of perfect hiking trails available in Barcelona, and you must go there.

1. Montjuic


It is the smallest hill surrounding Barcelona, with plenty of hiking spots available for hiking enthusiasts. Your mind will blow up when you explore scenic and beautiful parks. You can start your trek from the Grec Gardens and move to the castle at the Hill Summit.

It is worth covering a long distance due to the impressive scenic views that will come on your journey. You can enjoy delicious food at this spot and spend a good evening with your friends. You will love the trail experience when you reach Montjuic.

2. Tibidabo Mountain


There is no need to step too far from Barcelona for a fantastic trail. You can reach this tallest mountain easily from the city, and you can expect a stunning view when you go there. You can rent any apartment in the town and reach any hiking place whenever you desire. This way, you can rest and enjoy treks with your friends.

Monthly rentals in Barcelona are available that offer the tourists of Barcelona monthly rental properties. You can stay here for a month at an affordable price and go on a hike whenever you feel like it. Anyone can climb the Tibidabo mountain at any fitness level. But be careful when you are about to climb the steep peak. You can reach the summit, where you can enjoy the amusement park with your family.

3. Bunkers del Carmel


This place is located on the city’s west side and is considered a hidden gem. By walking, you can reach this place which is available from the center of the metro station, i.e., Guinardo Sant pau. When you are on a trail, you can explore the mind-blowing beauty of the landscape, and you will feel connected with nature.

You can expect to stay there for at least one hour. If you desire to get the best experience, it is good to take a walking tour with your loved ones and reach there. You can take your time to hike and wait for some time to get the best experience.

4. Besos River


If you want to spend a day when you do not want to go on a long walk but rest for a while, you must go near the Besos river. You can go there by taking a gentle walk and spend as many hours as you wish.

It is located on the north side of this city, and its entire path encircles the whole city. You can relax and stretch your legs near the river shore. Everything is easily available and accessible, like food and other necessary items. If you love to exercise, you can also do so.

5. Montserrat National Park


This national park is a good option for anyone who desires to go on a day trip and get amazed by the scenic beauty. The views of the landscape are mind-blowing and breathtaking. You can explore the mountain range of this city and get the experience of the unique culture.

You can stay near the city and your rental property without going too far. You can reach this place by using public transportation. Many people prefer to visit this place and enjoy the scenic beauty for the whole day.

6. Vall de Nuria


It is a beautiful green valley that you can visit in summer as well as in winter. In summer, you can see more hikers than in winter. You can explore the city’s culture along with its history. You can visit this place on foot or by taking the train.

No cars are allowed in this park. You can come here with your family. It is perfect for hikers looking for moderate hiking. If you love challenges, you can take up extended trails with a high elevation and better views. You can explore different hiking spots from this location.

7. Costa Brava


It is located on the north side of the city and is considered the English coast. You must not visit this place with its natural and scenic beauty. It takes many months to explore this place as it is connected to the French border. You can explore different villages, cities, beaches, etc.

The favorite foot trail for many people is the Camins de Ronda. It is a popular destination because this path was built to catch pirates and smugglers red-handed. Many things are available in Costa Brava that one can explore.

The Bottom Line

It is better to plan a one-month trip to Barcelona to explore multiple hiking destinations with your friends and family. You can take any apartment on rent for a month and visit any place you like by using public transport.

Plenty of hiking trails are available in this city, which is why it is a favorite place for many hikers. You may feel that more than a month is needed to explore the city. It is hard to get a second chance to plan a trip to this city again in your life. Therefore, you must know about the places to visit when visiting Barcelona. Taking advantage of every spot you will regret later is better.