Selfie Museum

Exploring the Selfie World

Only in Las Vegas do you find a unique and memorable attraction among all the neon lights, casinos, and entertainment shows. The essence of today’s life that is so familiar to everyone is presented as the Selfie Museum.

Is it possible to find now at least one person who’s never heard of selfies or at least tried to make one? Surely not. Social media has moved the whole world into the art of self-presentation. And the Museum encourages you to take selfies in a very immersive and entertaining way. Many tourists find it hard to walk by, always coming in to see with their own eyes what is inside of it. One can only think that this is a small place, but in reality, that’s the real Selfie World.


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The Las Vegas Selfie Museum is not just several rooms where you can take selfies – it presents the ideas of our today’s life, society ideas, and main pop art concepts. This is the place where you can express yourself in a way only you can see fit. No one tells you what you should see or do – you’re changing it according to your vision. Of course, every location has its style or idea, but you’re free to take selfies as you please.

Think about the Museum as a particular place or an artistic Wonderland. It was designed to make you think, make you imagine yourself in different places, and catch the atmosphere. Every room and location has a specific theme and attributes you can use in the photo. You are getting into the center of the art process and becoming a part of one.

There are also several installations that will take you through the history. This is a part of a special journey where you can fit yourself into new characters. If you are fond of history or any ancient world, then you are in the right place. Travel back in time and imagine yourself as an adventurer.


The Infinity Room is one of the most popular and inspiring installations you can find. There are mirrors creating the infinity space you can find yourself in. Standing in this special place, you will see a myriad of reflections of yourself, creating a surreal experience. It’s also a great place to make photos for Instagram, especially if you’re an influencer or like to make remarkable shots.

the Las Vegas Selfie Museum stands as additional entertainment in the city. Whatever passion you have, art, history, pop culture, or space, you will find room for your likes. Additional locations and installations are being made occasionally, following the trends and interests.

A museum is a positive space where you can find opportunities to create great memories and catch those moments in a beautiful place. The main point is to create photos worth sharing with your followers or family. Thousands of lights, vibrant colors and textures, breathtaking themes or installations – all of it is ready for you.

This place is good for people of all ages. Do not feel limited or out of context, just try to enjoy the opportunity to show your new self. Explore every room and installation to try to find the best moment. You can always bring your kids and make a magical weekend for them. A good idea would be to prepare if you can plan a visit, choose the outfit, or make it a family look thing. If your kids are 5 years or older, you can share with them the whole experience of making photos by letting to use your phone, as it is the simplest device for them. In case you plan to use a professional camera, then you can switch to a phone just for the sake of having a good time. For children of this age is very important to participate and make their own input in the event, so you can take this into consideration.


Also, the Museum can be a great spot for a date. It definitely can be a surprise because any woman would be grateful to have a hundred great-looking photos for her social media. Such a big amount of attention to her is a great opportunity to show how deeply you care. It can work both ways, of course. Having a couple of photoshoots or a couple of portraits is a good and positive experience, but more importantly, you will get long-lasting memories and photos.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate with your best friend or a group of friends, this also might be a good choice. Choose the outfit, prepare your charger, and make sure you have a full battery on your phone or camera. You can think about having a similar outfit, or have a theme chosen, but in the end, improvisation can be the best option. What can be better than having fun while taking photos? Right, print those photos afterward.

The museum has a great variety of rooms and installations you can choose from. The Infinity Room has already been mentioned, and it represents a highly artistic part. In such locations, you can create not just a simple photo or selfie but build a proper conceptual photoshoot that can become a part of a professional portfolio. If you want to try your artistic skills or make a material that can be used in the future then it can work perfectly for you. Be ready that the quality is a main priority, so you might need to get a camera.



In case you need some inspiration, then try to use hashtag #selfiemuseum on any social media. You can get an idea of what is waiting on you and maybe some insights into what to get ready for.

The Las Vegas Selfie Museum is more than just a simple line of exhibitions with nice visual effects. It’s proof that the desire to capture the best possible picture of yourself is also a part of art. Self-expressing is a positive way to show yourself to others or present important memories. These special moments will stay with you forever, and you should not miss a chance to do that.