7 Different Ways to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Even though an average contemporary man rarely separates themselves from their smart devices, more and more android phones disappear daily, and it is a trend that seems to be going nowhere but steadily upwards. Fortunately, there are different ways to find a lost or stolen android phone, and you will learn more about them if read through the lines below.

If the device gets misplaced, there is more at stake than the basic value of the gadget in question, moreover, one could expose sensitive data about themselves, their friends, and family to the risk of abuse. Therefore, find out about which actions to undertake to minimize the damage and how to potentially recover the missing object.

1. Timely Reaction

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The first thing you should do upon discovering that you have no idea where your device is is to report the case to the police. After the officials are informed about the missing object, they should scan the area and revise potential surveillance videos to identify the thief and engage in further actions depending on the material they obtain.

Hopefully, the thief will be brought to justice soon after the incident, so neither your data nor the device will be away from you for too long. Now, a timely reaction is of utter importance when situations such as this one are in question, since the more time passes, the chances of you getting your phone back deteriorate.

2. Call Yourself

The most basic thing to do when you cannot find your android phone is to dial your number and see if someone’s going to pick it up. Fortunately, there are still honest people that would gladly return your phone if they found it, without asking for anything in return.

Even if nobody answers, the chances for flinging the device grow if you manage to establish a connection since local base stations would gather the data about its whereabouts once it starts ringing. Unfortunately, if the phone is physically turned off or the battery dies out before you make a call, your dialing attempts would be worthless.

Creating a secure lock screen allows you to prevent the potential thief from shutting down the device, since contemporary smartphone models have integrated batteries, unlike the old ones who could easily be switched off by removing the power source.

3. Phone Locator

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Even though this approach to finding a missing phone is relatively similar to the aforementioned, it allows the user to handle things about their missing device more subtly. Namely, all you need to take care of is to know the number of the device in question and visit one of the specialized online platforms, such as find-my-phone.org, and follow the instructions.

The amazing thing about this feature reflects in not having to download suspicious apps and waste your time, moreover, the whole procedure lasts no longer than a few minutes. This technique relies on geolocation and the android’s activity, so you can easily learn about its last active status. The thing we should not forget to emphasize is that you can use this approach to find any phone anywhere in the world, as long as you know the number attached to the android.

4. Google It

It would be silly if you could track your android by simply googling it, right? Well, even if it might sound like a futile attempt, this technique is actually practical. Surely, you would not be able to go online and search for it as you would search for any other piece of information, but it is actually quite similar.

For your consideration, Google owns Android, and, amazingly, you can access your phone even if you have no clue where you have left it. Imply log into the Google account and ask about where your phone is. Afterward, you will be given precise information about the exact location, thanks to the GPS feature.

Besides that, you can turn the volume up in case you have misplaced your phone somewhere while the silent mode was on. Additionally, use the option to protect, block, delete important pieces of information, or send a message to a random finder who could have found the device.

5. ID

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In case you did not know, we should inform you that every single mobile device has its identification number, better known as IMEI. This technique proves to be the most relevant means of determining where the device is, regardless of how long it has been out of function. Still, it is hard to expect an average user to have means of making use of it. Moreover, one should inform the police and provide them with necessary data, so they could do the tricky part of locating the device and undertake necessary measures.

6. Blacklisting

In case you deplete any available resources and still do not get your phone back, what you should do is get in touch with the manufacturer and arrange they put the missing phone on a blacklist. Surely, this will not give you your device back, but it will prevent anyone else from using it.

7. Confronting

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You can always hope that the thief will get in touch with you presenting you with a list of specific demands that are not that high, but even if that happens, you should know that you must take care of yourself at all costs. Accepting the terms imposed by the thief could cause additional issues regarding your safety, thus, we advise you not to cooperate with them unless you call the police. In the end, they should learn that the crime does not pay off.

We certainly hope that you will never have to use them, but if you do, the aforementioned pieces of advice should help you recover them as soon as possible. Just make sure you do what you can to protect your phone while it is still at your side since preventive measures can facilitate a potential recovery process by far. Therefore, take some time to cover the basics, and rest assured you will get your belongings back even if they get misplaced.