5 Resources for Finding Remote Tech Jobs Online

The tech industry has been filling up the job market with a slew of new jobs for both high and low-skill work. No matter whether you are a recent graduate looking to indulge in your profession or somebody with more generic skills to offer to the industry there will be a job for you. The additional benefit of these jobs is the focus they usually have on enhancing the work environment through available computer software. This software includes planners, project management programs, voice chats, and other useful applications.

However, the most impactful benefit is being able to work remotely. While not all tech jobs will provide you with this option, either offering to help you move closer to their offices or straight-up rejecting your application, it’s a very common practice to provide it. For the sake of quicker job-finding experience in this branch of the market, we have compiled some useful resources and sites that will get you up to speed with all the necessary details.

1. Authentic Jobs

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To start it off let’s check out a job board that has been around for a long while and has seen plentiful use. This being Authentic Jobs. This job board doesn’t focus on remote jobs but will provide you with the option to filter the job listings to remote ones. Of course, the key draw of this resource comes in the form of its legacy. The job board has been used by a multitude of strong, popular companies giving it a lot of visibility and an established userbase. The fact that the board has been up since 2005 reinforces its quality as well as giving some additional benefits in the form of robust FAQs and site updates.

2. We Work Remotely

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Now when it comes to remote jobs there’s a pretty good chance you can land yourself some on We Work Remotely. The advantage of this site is the extremely simple design while the job board gives you some important details such as the employer’s name and the countries the job is available in right off the bat. For an employer to make a job posting in the first place they have to pay an initial fee, which filters out a lot of scams and makes for a much healthier remote job searching site.

Search options are pretty formidable too, especially for tech jobs, containing multiple subsections you can scroll through and indulge in. There are also options related to the type of work, full-time or contract work, for those who have different requirements from their current job hunting.

3. Workooze

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Workooze isn’t really a job listing site, it’s more of an overall useful resource for informing yourself on them and remote work overall. Workooze offers articles on remote jobs and the sites that you can use to look for them, advice on starting your online business, and affiliate program guides. These resources should help you realize yourself in any industry, doubly so in tech where remote jobs are most frequent. The assistance to personal online businesses is also appreciated especially if you are the type of person who prefers being their own boss. Among these capabilities, the site also offers information on other details of online work.

Knowing how and where to sell your skills is very important to any person seeking a job, Workooze has you covered on this subject as well. The online marketing tab in its navigation bar will help you learn about various opportunities to market your online business regardless of your budget, allowing for the quick growth of any business.

Technical aspects of these jobs are also covered on the site, providing information and guides. It can help you figure out how to set up a website, utilize content creation platforms to their fullest extent, and plenty of other technological items one has to go through when engaging with this sphere of job hunting. This may be one of the more important categories as personal websites are often seen as a sign of a reliable and experienced employee while good hardware is key to executing your job correctly.

Workooze will also provide you with abilities to learn new skills and keep in shape while working remotely, rounding up all the important information on a single site.

4. Freelance platforms

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The freelancing gigs appeal to people with their versatility, being able to offer both contract work and long-term employment for a variety of skills. Tech jobs on these platforms usually come in the form of developers or Q&A but there are plenty of other jobs available too. These sites often act as talent pools and training grounds for those who have no work experience in their field, allowing you to start from simple jobs and advance into more complex ones as you learn. The ability to network with individual employers as well as established companies is invaluable to anybody who wishes to increase their sphere of influence or get more contacts for their future endeavors. The engagement with either can also net you regular employment with said entity, remoteness already being an established factor in your interaction. If nothing, it can provide some filler for your resume. For example, applying to numerous web design job postings will eventually get you employed for one. After finishing it up you can add the link to the resume or note the experience you’ve had working on it. The tech industry is one industry that values experience the most as it increases logical thinking and employee’s skill level at a more exponential rate than any other job. This goes double for those employees who have had jobs on multiple projects with different project leads, as they would have gained valuable knowledge from their more experienced colleagues.

5. LandingJobs

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The functionality of this site is in the name, it’s another job listing platform but with additional traits that make it uniquely useful. The first one being their exceptionally responsive customer support, ready to resolve any issues you have and answer all of your questions. Additionally, while LandingJobs has the standard search options it also boasts a formidable matching algorithm that will suggest you the best available jobs suited for your experience, interest, and skills. While the remote jobs take priority with the platform, the focus is firmly on the European market above any other. This can assist those who aren’t too proficient in English land jobs in their country where they won’t have trouble communicating with colleagues.

Additional tips

While job boards and information resources are important, it’s also important to never stop building onto your existing knowledge. Recognize the skills you lack or haven’t developed much and work on them be it backend programming or UI design. Finding magazines or sites that will keep you up to date on programming standards as well as new technologies is a must. Being out of the loop for a bit is guaranteed to put a huge dent in your skills and capabilities so make sure it doesn’t happen.