Rokko no Yuusha Season 2 – Review and Release Date 2024

Braves of The Six Flowers or Rokko no Yuusha is a Japanese anime that has gained immense popularity. It has been composed by Ishio Yamagata. There is a lot of anticipation for the second season of the same.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Six heroes are selected by the Goddess of Fate to defeat a demon. All of them are gallant warriors and skilled, adept. However, finally, there are seven of them traveling. This causes great confusion because only 6 of them were given the task. However, they began moving towards the “Howling Demons” to slay the monster.

On their way, they begin to test the situation. They begin to try and understand who among them is not a real warrior. One of them has to be an ally of the demon who is trying to break their mission. They need to guess who is playing a trick with them, and who is trying to break them up. The protagonist of the novel is Aldet Mayar, he is the strongest man in this world. However, this claim is personal. His primary weapon is the weakness of his opponent.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

The cast will comprise of Soma Saito as Adlet MyerYôko, Hikasa as Nachetanya, Robbie Daymond as Adlet Mayer, Loei Piena Augustra, Abby Trott, Aoi Yûki Aoi Yûki as Flamie Speeddraw, Kenichi Suzumura as Hans Humpty, Koki Uchiyama as Goldov Auora, and Rina Satô as Maura Chester.

Nachetanya is a princess and her parents were killed in a war in their kingdom. Her weapon is swords and she could procure it out of nothing. Fremy is another warrior who can conjure bullets and other explosives out of the air. She was betrayed by her tribe and her mother and was very hurt and angry. She came to the mission to vent her anger and to calm her desire for revenge. Aurora is a brave yet devoted knight who swore to protect princess Nachetanya. He saved her on multiple occasions and gets jealous if she has more affection for others. His weapon is a spear.

When Can We Expect The Release


It is a popular Japanese light series production and has around 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. Fans are waiting to watch the new season. However, there is no clear-cut information about its release date. There is much anticipation about the progress of the anime. There is scope for character development and that is why fans are waiting to see their favorite heroes back in action.

Summing It Up

The series had 12 different episodes and it ended with an episode to reveal the answer to the confusion. It was revealed that Nachetanya was the seventh brave and everyone was extremely shocked. They decided that they might have to kill her but she escaped. However, soon they discovered that there was another warrior who joined in late. This increased the confusion regarding the identity of the third warrior and increased the curiosity of the fans.