Handy Corporate Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

Innovative corporate gift ideas can be used to establish the level of care you have for your workers or clients. In addition, they can assist in forging connections even during these times of social distancing. The frequency of corporate gifting has actually increased ever since working from home has become a mainstream practice by many companies. According to HampersWithBite, the majority of companies that are giving more are doing so as a means of keeping employees motivated during these challenging times.

There is no doubt that presents are a superb way to express your gratitude; however, if your aim is for your gifts to leave a lasting impression, thinking outside of the box is a must. Below is a detailed outline of what makes an excellent corporate gift. There is also a roundup of unique corporate gift ideas that can be explored this holiday season.

Best Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift

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The best corporate gifts are thoughtful, personal, relevant and professional.


A good present must always have a component of thoughtfulness, and this is also true for corporate gifts. The finest gifts have a unique element that shows that genuine thought was put into finding something remarkable. That is how a lasting impression is left.


Not everybody wants the same thing; as such, it is important to tailor the gift to a specific individual so everyone will get something he or she appreciates. Additionally, it is important to balance group gifts with customized ones. As excellent as it is to treat your workers or clients to group activities as an element of the celebration, including a personal component for each individual shows that he or she is also valued individually.


Always bear in mind which occasion is being celebrated because different situations will require different gifts. If it is approaching the Christmas holiday season, think about getting an innovative corporate holiday gift that is geared towards the season. Additionally, think about the context of the person for whom the gift is being purchased. For example, a gift for a potential client will quite possibly be different from one given to a long-time associate.


Above everything, ensure you give a professional corporate gift. Consider how individuals will react when they get the gifts and go for a different concept if you believe there is a chance they will feel uncomfortable. In addition, be professional as it relates to getting neutral gifts for the whole team. Avoid inciting jealousy over certain gifts by spending equal money and time on each gift.

Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas

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Customized Desk Supplies

Desk supplies for the workplace are truly practical gifts and injecting a personal element into them can increase their value significantly. You can have the names of the workers engraved on notebooks or pens, which they can use every day while working. Gifting clients or employees with customized stationery will keep your company on top of their minds when the gifts are used.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The pandemic has seen many employees having their fair share of Zoom meetings. Additionally, there have been many situations where the noise has caused distractions during meetings. Noise-canceling headphones enhance virtual meeting decorum by supplying smooth audio despite how much noise is around. This allows workers to follow the meeting better and everyone can also hear each other better.

Wireless Charging Stand

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The creation of a wireless charging stand has provided another distinctive corporate gift. The stand provides an easy way for individuals to charge their phones at the office while taking up little desk space; this makes them convenient for every employee. A cluttered desk can be even more of a problem for remote workers, so this tiny addition could be tremendously useful for them.

Office Plant

Employees are constantly looking for ways to add flavor to their offices and plants provide a remarkable way to achieve this. Succulents inject a dash of color to any space and will truly stand out if positioned in a unique place. The low-maintenance plants combined with the low purchasing costs of the plants will make for an inexpensive and valuable corporate gift your recipients will enjoy.

Custom Challenge Coins

Rewarding employees for a well-done job isn’t only the best for improving morale; it’s also an excellent strategy for bolstering business. Everyone appreciates what a happy employee can accomplish, so why not provide your team with challenge coins for the really exceptional service they deliver? The coins will serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation for many years to come.

Actually, rewards like these are just as effective as profit-based rewards. They accomplish a similar objective, encourage you to work together, expand your friendship in the office, and develop a teamwork spirit. Coins used during military and war missions have a long and honorable history. They’re still used to taking breaks today, and they often make an appearance at corporate meetings. Vivipins makes custom challenge coins in bulk serving the needs of special events, corporate events, and holidays for the lowest price with the highest quality guaranteed.

Catered Work Meal

Purchasing a meal for someone has been a feature of the corporate gifting world for a while and the pandemic has expanded this even further. There are companies that offer virtual card systems that allow individuals to select from a range of vendors who will speedily deliver food items to each recipient. This simplifies the catering process and delivers a remarkable experience for everyone involved.

Reusable Water Bottle

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It is always a great idea to encourage eco-friendly values among your employees. Reusable water bottles reduce the daily excess of single-use plastic bottles. Additionally, they provide you with an opportunity to show a positive organizational mandate. You could add your company logo on the water bottle to have individuals instinctively think about the company each time they take a drink.

Tote Bag

If you are planning on giving someone more than one gift, getting him or her a tote bag enables you to boost your creativity. You would be getting the individual a convenient bag and other affordable goodies can be placed inside as well. Think of it as a fun spin on the gift hamper, transforming a single present into a blend of presents for the recipients to appreciate.

Wellness Package

As it relates to fostering health and positivity, putting together a wellness package is another wonderful corporate gift idea. Items that can be included are cozy blankets, scented candles, tea bags, or bath bombs. You can even go the extra mile by showing employees that you also care about their mental health. This will help you to leave a lasting impression.

Online Fitness Class

Promoting physical activity is a remarkable corporate stance; therefore, you can consider offering free virtual fitness classes to your staff members. This guide gesture demonstrates to your team that you really care about their well-being, which will mean much to them.