How To Bypass OTP On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular app with an easy-to-use interface that allows people to quickly share text and voice messages as well as other types of data such as photos, music, and videos. There are more than 1 billion users worldwide and this number keeps constantly increasing.

However, even though it is all this simple and convenient, it also has some disadvantages. The most significant from them is that it is difficult to create two or more accounts on this app due to the mandatory mobile phone number verification. Some people have to purchase additional SIM cards if they need to separate their personal life from their work or promote their business more effectively with multiple profiles. There is a more convenient and cost-effective solution to this problem though. Just use a fake phone number for verification on WhatsApp.


What exactly is this feature?

Fake numbers are very similar to regular phone numbers. They are also issued by legitimate cellular operators and operate within their networks while linked to real SIM cards from them. The distinction is that these phone numbers can be used only online with any electronic device connected to the internet.

They are also technically configured to only receive verification codes from a specific online service which in our case is WhatsApp. There is no way to use them to create accounts on Facebook, Telegram, or any other platform. While this may appear to some to be a disadvantage, it is actually a benefit. It makes their cost several times lower than that of basic virtual numbers. Their price rarely exceeds $1. So it is surely the best solution in terms of cost-effectiveness for those who want to sign up for multiple accounts on WhatsApp.

How safe is it to use a fake number?

Many users are concerned about how safe it is to use fake numbers such as whether their account might be lost as a result. There is actually nothing to worry about. Fake phone numbers are only given to one person and after that always get removed from the database. This way, once they have been used to create accounts, no one else can access them except the original owner.

These phone numbers are also not trackable and cannot be used for spam purposes. With that said, while it is possible to see the phone numbers of other users on WhatsApp, it will not cause any inconvenience. Furthermore, it aids in becoming fully protected from the constant receipt of intrusive text messages and voice calls from strangers via regular mobile telephony.


Where to get a fake phone number for WhatsApp?

Obtaining a fake number and using it to sign up for WhatsApp is a simple process even for newcomers. It does not require going anywhere or dealing with a lot of paperwork as it would when purchasing a SIM card from a cell phone carrier. The entire procedure for using it is as follows:

  1. Create an account on the designated platform using an email address or profile on one of a few social networks.
  2. Refill its balance using an appropriate payment method such as MasterCard/VISA, Coinbase, Payeer, or any other from those that are available.
  3. Go to the homepage of the service and select a dialing code from the list of countries and WhatsApp while browsing the section with supported websites and apps.
  4. Purchase a fake phone number and use it for registration.
  5. Reveal the verification code by clicking the “Get SMS” button and use it as intended.

The task is done. This is how everyone can easily bypass OTP on WhatsApp. It is like registering with a real phone number but over the internet instead of a cellular network. This doesn’t make it complicated though. You can go through the whole process in no longer than a few minutes. But even this is not the best thing about using fake numbers.


Signing up for multiple accounts

The best part of fake phone numbers is that there are no limitations on how many of them anyone can get and activate for the same purpose. With that being said, they make it possible to sign up for unlimited accounts on WhatsApp. Everything that is needed to do to perform this is to keep obtaining and using fake numbers one by one.

Just don’t forget to use special apps to make working copies of WhatsApp before proceeding with this process. The thing is that such numbers are disposable and once logged out there will be no way to log in back to the created account with their help. Simply put, it is not possible to keep two or more accounts on one app like in the case of Telegram. So it is necessary to clone it using various mobile services such as Dual Clone, Parallel App, and others.


Having no phone number available for registration on WhatsApp is no longer an issue. You can easily create an account on this app using a fake phone number. It is an affordable solution that is available for everyone who for some reason needs to bypass OTP or remain private on the most popular instant messenger in the world.

In addition, this feature also allows creating multiple accounts without the need to go and purchase additional SIM cards. It might be really helpful when it is necessary to effectively promote products or services using several profiles as well as in some other cases when having multiple accounts makes sense like separating work from personal life, etc.

Summing up the above, a fake number is a complete tool that is suitable for completing different tasks on the internet. It is available for everyone regardless of their location and other factors. Thereby, taking advantage of it is pretty easy and surely worth it when there is a need to bypass OTP on WhatsApp.