7 Summer Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

Decorating one’s living space can be a fun and therapeutic activity. Decorating it yourself allows one to personalise it according to their taste while also making sure that it fits the style one prefers. Decorations can be based on a lot of things like personal style, the location of the house, the people living in the house, the practicality of that decoration, what colour one prefers and even the seasons.

Many people these days like to decorate their homes, including living spaces and bedrooms based on a theme. One such amazing and lively theme for living spaces can be a summer theme. It is bright, fun and very easy on the eyes and does not get overbearing. Below are some great ideas that can help one in getting started with summer-themed decorations for their living room:

1. Go with lighter coloured and natural-looking furniture

Source: decorilla.com

A summer-themed space should look very bright and be filled with lighter shades as well as natural elements. This is why in the case of furniture, one should preferably choose light-coloured and natural-looking wooden furniture that does not have complex designs.

Simple-looking but effective furniture can add a lot of life to the space without taking up a lot of attention. It can complement all the other bright and fun elements that would be placed in the space like decor items and wall hangings.

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Using lighter coloured and minimal furniture will give one the opportunity to add decorations and colours in other parts of the room without it becoming very overwhelming. This is a great way to create a balance while decorating the room while also keeping it in alignment with the theme.

2. Add some greenery and flowers

A summer without greenery and bright coloured flowers is no summer at all. Hence, adding some artificial or natural greenery to the room can be a good choice. For this, one can opt for strings of artificial leaves or flowers for their living space and place them at the corners to add greenery.

Besides this, they can also go with small vases that can hold some flowers in them. These flowers can be real or artificial based on the kind of care that could be provided to them.

3. Add pops of bright and fun colours

Source: decorilla.com

Another thing that can be done to make the room look more summer-y is to add a pop of colours like yellow, blue, orange and green. These colours could be added via the use of pillows, paintings, posters, wall hangings, rugs, wall clocks, vases, artificial plants, fruits and other show pieces.

4. Add that citrus

One way to make the space look more summer-ish is to add citrus fruits to the living room table. These citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, and lemons can be kept in a bowl and placed on the centre table to add that extra pop of colour to the room.

Moreover, a citrus-based fragrance too can help in setting the tone of the room. For this one can use an air freshener, potpourri or a scented candle.

5. Include shells in the decor

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Another great tip would be to incorporate shells in the decor since it brings the beach into the living spaces. These shells can also be mixed with combinations of beige, light blue and teal shades to make them look more beautiful.

Some shell-based decor items can include keeping a whole big shell on the counter, mirrors or photo frames with borders made of shell, a shell-based table top, or one can simply put the shells they have collected themselves in a glass jar to give the room a more personal touch.

6. Use airy curtains

Curtains tend to change the whole feel of a room. A room with thick and dark coloured curtains certainly does not remind anyone of summer, it is considered dull and fits more of a winter aesthetic. To change this, one should use airy curtains, these are more light in weight and even in colour. They come in a range of different colours to choose from and also come in a variety of patterns that allow the natural sunlight to enter the room and make it look airier.

7. Add some extra pillows

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Since the furniture like the sofa used in summer-based spaces is often very simple and minimal, it is a good idea to experiment with a number of cushions on the couch. These cushions could be of fun colours and patterns and would add a lot of personality to the space. They also make the room seem more airy and fun, perfectly suited for the summers.


Decorating a room in a particular theme can be a great idea especially because it allows the decorator to personalize the room and the theme according to their own taste and preference. To create an amazing summer-themed living room it is a great choice to keep it light and airy. This can be done by incorporating furniture made of light-coloured wood and of minimal design to give the room a clear base. Next, colours should be added to the room via a lot of different decor items. Summer colours like yellow, orange, green and blue can add life to the room.

Moreover, certain other elements like shells and plants can be added to the room to make it look fresh and lively. Bigger elements like curtains should also not be ignored. Lighter coloured curtains that allow some sunlight to enter the room would be a perfect addition. Adding some comfort elements like colourful pillows and comfortable chairs would help complete the look of the room.