Is It Reasonable to Pay Someone to Get a Perfect Resume?

Many professionals turn to resume writing companies to receive an application-ready resume without much effort. Moreover, a resume prepared by an expert is usually more effective than a DIY one and generates more interview calls in shorter terms. It happens because a well-trained resume writer knows exactly what employers are looking for in your resume and presents your qualifications in a persuasive way.

If you have never worked with a resume consultant before, you might be wondering if resume services are really worth it. Are there any issues you should consider before you pay someone to write my resume? In today’s article, we will explain when it’s a good idea to hire a resume writer at a company like and how to get the most out of this cooperation.

What Are the Main Advantages of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer?


A professional writer can save you time and effort while producing a better resume than if you had written it yourself. Here are the main advantages you can receive from cooperation with an expert:

Benefit From the Insider Knowledge

Unless you work with resumes on a daily basis, you probably aren’t sure what the recruiters and hiring managers expect to see in resumes and what they pay attention to. A resume expert knows the ins and outs of the hiring process and can market you as an ideal employee.

Get More Feedback and Interview Calls

A professional writer analyzes your career goals and highlights your relevant skills, most notable experience, and achievements. By doing so, they create a resume that resonates with the employer’s needs which usually results in an increased number of interview calls. Moreover, a pro resume can help you negotiate a higher salary.

Forget About the Writing Stress

Composing a resume is stressful, especially if writing isn’t your forte. Moreover, you need to research the best practices and tips to make your resume effective. A professional writer can do it all for you, relieving you from stress and saving many hours of your time that you can spend more productively.

Address the Complex Career Issues

If you were fired, laid off, or took a few months off work, it can be difficult to explain these situations on a resume. Things are even more complex if you plan to change careers and have to compete with experienced candidates in a new field. A resume consultant will help you address these issues professionally in your documents.

Pass the ATS with ease

About 98% of Fortune 500 and lots of smaller companies use ATS to optimize their hiring process. If your resume lacks valuable keywords, it will be tossed by the system. A skilled writer can adapt your resume for ATS and help your resume get seen by a human hiring manager.

As you see, working with an expert has multiple advantages. It is especially helpful when you are applying for a highly sought-after position, as most of your competitors are likely to use professionally written resumes. However, you need to understand what to expect to receive a product that satisfies you in every aspect.

What Do You Need to Know Before Paying Someone for a Resume?


Here’s what you need to keep in mind before placing your order:

Know What You Can Expect From Cooperation With the Writer

A resume writer is not a magician and cannot solve all your career challenges. They can produce a strong, persuasive resume that presents your best side to employers. Thus, you are likely to get more interview calls and feedback from employers.

On the flip side, no resume writer can promise you an interview with a particular company or a job. The writer has no influence on the hiring process, so, such promises are likely a scam. Also, a resume writer will not be able to help if you are underqualified for the position you have in mind.

Understand What Exactly a Resume Service Includes

Different resume agencies offer different resume packages. Some companies will only paraphrase your old resume, fix mistakes and improve the formatting. Others will also add keywords to make it ATS-friendly. And some will compose the entire document from scratch. Ideally, you should seek a custom resume writing service, where the writer composes your resume from the ground up and adapts it for your target job.

Also, clarify the terms of cooperation. Do they offer a phone interview, or does all cooperation go via email? How soon will they deliver the first draft? Does the company offer revisions and updates? Knowing all these things will help you get a resume you’ll be satisfied with.

Choose a Reasonably Priced Service

Resume writing goes at different prices, from $50 to $1,000+. It is best to avoid suspiciously cheap services, as a $50 resume is unlikely to be good enough to give you a competitive edge. On the other hand, paying $800 or above for a resume only makes sense if you are applying to a CEO, CFO, or Director role, as expensive services are aimed at C-level professionals.

There are many resume agencies offering good resumes at $150-$300. If you plan to apply for a mid-career or professional role, it is possible to receive a strong resume within this price range.

Understand That the Resume is Only the First Step of the Hiring Process

A strong, achievement-driven resume can bring you more interview calls and facilitate your job search. However, you will need to take action yourself as well to land a job faster. You will need to customize a new resume for each job posting to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Moreover, you will probably need to work on your interviewing skills. If you practice answering interview questions at home or with a friend, you will be more confident during the interview. Researching a company also helps, if you know the company’s goals, values, and challenges, you will find it easier to discuss them with an interviewer.

How to Choose a Reliable Resume Company?


An inexperienced resume writer can do more harm than good. Here are some tips for you to identify a resume helper who can be trusted:

  • Ask around. Get some recommendations through the word of mouth. Maybe, your friend or a former colleague can recommend a resume writer who helped them in their job search.
  • Read reviews. Check the independent review websites such as Trustpilot, and read what other customers had to say about the company.
  • Look for custom writing services, not a resume builder. Resume builders put your old resume into a fancy template and you don’t get any professional help. On the flip side, a professional resume writer creates a new resume that reflects your work history professionally.
  • Ask about the writer’s qualifications. Ideally, a resume writer should have a certification (such as CPRW, CMRW, or ACRW) or 2+ years of experience with resumes.
  • Take a look at the examples. Review the writer’s examples before you start working with them to understand if their writing style and formatting appeal to you.
  • Ask about guarantees. All reputable resume agencies offer satisfaction guarantees of some kind to ensure that you will be satisfied with a new resume. Ask about how many revisions they provide, as it often takes several rounds of revisions to create a perfect resume.

An experienced resume writer can effectively highlight your skills for your target position, helping you to get noticed and shortlisted. So, if you struggle to get interviews, consider giving your resume a professional update. Moreover, with a professional resume, you will feel more confident as you will see your achievements and competencies summarized on paper.