Sunrise Adams Net Worth 2024


Sunrise Adams. Does the name sound familiar?

She is popularly known to have begun her career as a model but then moved to act and into the entertainment business. She is a very well-known actress in the film industry. She is most recognized for her role in the television series ‘Heart of Darkness. She starred in the ‘Portrait of Sunrise’ as her first film.

Well, that’s not just it. The reason she became extremely popular was because of her association with the adult film industry. She signed a two-year deal with Vivid Video in August 2002 to become the newest ‘Vivid Girl.’ The contract calls for her to make eight films for the firm each year. She, however, terminated this contract in the year 2005. However, there is more to this. Read on to find out.

Now let us get into who she is, where she comes from, net worth, and other amazing facts you probably will be stunned reading about!

About Adams

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If you think Sunrise Adams to be her birth name, that’s where you’re wrong. The actor’s real name is Cassie Dale Huggins. Yes, that’s her real name. Her date of birth is September 14, 1982. She hails from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Sunrise Adams is known to have a strong feeling of herself as a spiritual being who is a seeker of truth. Having said that, her life is committed to research into the unknown and discovering solutions to life’s riddles. These two findings give us a little information about the actor’s thought process.

Adams is the niece of Sunset Thomas, a porn star. That’s news right there! She was motivated by this same aunt, who provided her with the knowledge she needed to make it to the adult film industry. Her life has been a wild ride since then!

In January of 2001, she co-starred with Ed Powers in her debut pornographic film, ‘More Dirty Debutantes 186.’ She subsequently described the filming experience as nothing she would want to remember. Even after a supposed termination of her contract in the industry, some sources say otherwise.

It was said that she returned to the porn industry in 2006. This was where she signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment. When she returned, she wanted to do everything outside her comfort zone.

This is something she had done for the first time in her career.

She appeared in scenes alongside Hillary Scott and Sunny Lane. In the same year, she established her first website, which has since been decommissioned.

Her Career and Major Milestones

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Adams rose to fame fast with her courageous ways and acting. She filmed “House Sitting,” an episode for the Cinemax softcore series The Best Sex Ever, in the year 2002.

Sunrise joined Vivid Entertainment after years of mainstream modeling, notably for Pony International. Her first feature film was ‘Thinking XXX,’ where she starred in, as herself.

The actress got nominated for Best Actress by AVN in 2003. She, however, lost to Jenna Haze. That same year, she appeared in the skateboarding film Grind. She was seen performing the sort too.

In June 2003, she appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto alongside Steve Hirsch. If not in mainstream acting, she won the Best Oral Sex Scene award in the year 2004.

Fun Facts

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There’s not a lot put out about the actress on the internet. Both blogs and videos are limited. You’re probably really curious and searching for a source to read some insightful facts about the actress. Here’s what we’ve got!

1. Adams had been investing in real estate right from 2003.
2. Adams was also seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Who would have thought, right?
3. Not just all glitz and glam, Adams played football in high school. This made her the first girl in her high school’s history to do so! In fact, sources say she loved anything sporty.
4. Chi Chi LaRue became one of her favorite directors.
5. She gained a devoted and passionate following before taking an almost two-year break.
6. Lastly, if you’re wondering whether the personality is in a relationship, we’ve got the news. Adams is supposedly single as per sources!

Net Worth

Knowing her life regarding her career, we have already probably estimated her net worth in our heads. Find out how close your guess was! Let’s get grips with how she made money before knowing the figures.

Adams’ primary source of income is from being a writer as of now. The beginning of her income did come from acting, however.

Her estimated earnings range from around 1 million to 6 million dollars. She is termed as one of the richest porn stars in the US. From 2019 to 2024, we’ve seen her overall assets been steadily increasing. Again, that depends on her breaks and work schedule.

According to Forbes & Business Insider, the final verdict given was analyzed, where she was seen to have a net worth of approximately 1.5 Million dollars.