Ryan Idol Net Worth 2024


Ryan Idol was the stage name for the real Marc Anthony Donais. He was a bisexual adult film industry star. He was one of the highest-paid actors in his prime and also involved in multiple scandals. He has also worked in theatres apart from films. He has been involved in a lot of promotional work, for which he later faces lawsuits.

About Ryan

Ryan was born in Worcester in The United States and is currently 70 years of age. He has posed nude for many magazines which earned him a great deal of fame. At the peak of his career, he used to charge 50,000 dollars for one film.

He has worked in Theatre for plays like Ritz, as Crisco Patron, and The Scent of Rain as Bill Patron. He was not only a great male nude model, and porn star, but also a good and capable actor. He was also involved in prostitution for some time.

Early Life And Family

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Ryan calls himself a creation of Marc Anthony Donais, probably because this was his stage name and it got him recognition. He was mostly brought up in foster homes as a child.

To date, he is unsure about his father’s identity. He was not very close to his mother too, so had a lonely childhood. He later joined the US Navy as a construction worker before he shifted to the entertainment industry.

His Career And Major Milestones

He posed nude for the Playgirl and The man of the Month and received fame and name for it. Previously he worked in a bar as a stripper for women. However, with gradual popularity and fame, he shifted to the adult industry.

He worked for multiple films as a gay and straight porn star. He claims to be a lover of both men and women. Even after considerable fame, he worked for gay stripping clubs for money and entertainment.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Ryan Idol

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Did You know? Rayan heavily intakes alcohol and drugs. He even jumped out of his building under the control of drugs. He said that it was a near-death experience but he is not completely aware of it.

It was a high building and could have led to his death. Though his condition was critical for a while, he recovered. However, no one is too sure if he was really under the influence of alcohol or he was dealing with depression.

Ryan faced many lawsuits and charges during his prime period. Chief among them was being accused of mishandling funds that were donated for children’s computer learning. The organizer claims that he was paid a hefty amount to fix computers and aid the children’s learning process. Whereas, Ryan claims that he does not seem to recollect any such thing post his accident.

Net Worth

Ryan has an estimated net worth between one to five million. He was extremely successful during his early life and earned from films, theatre, and stripping.