4 Helpful Tips to Prevent Ring Avulsion (Bonus Tips Included)

We have been using wedding bands as a symbol of love and commitment for a very long time. This practice can be traced back to ancient Rome when people wore them on the ring finger of their left hand. You probably know this story. They believed that a vein called the vena amoris ran from this finger to the heart. Romantic, right?

Well, even though everyone wears wedding and engagement bands with pride, many of them aren’t aware of the dangers they can pose. We know this sounds like we are exaggerating, but we are not. In this article, we will tell you about ring avulsion and how to prevent it.

What exactly is ring avulsion?

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First things first, let’s explain what ring avulsion is. In a nutshell, it is when a band on your hand gets stuck on a surface without you noticing. When you pull your hand, without realizing what has happened, the ring will yank off your finger, causing damage. Now, this damage can be minor, depending on how rapidly you moved your hand. Some people end up with only minor bruising.

On the other hand, it can cause severe damage by injuring the skin, muscles, and nerves. Sometimes, depending on the injury, one may need to have surgery to repair it, and in the worst-case scenario, an amputation may be the only solution. No, this doesn’t happen very often, but it is still a risk.

What’s more, sometimes, even though there is no visible trauma, there may be internal damage. If you experience swelling, numbness, or even lose the ability to move the finger, you have to go to the hospital immediately.

What causes ring avulsion?

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Now that we have introduced you to this accident, here are some scenarios of when it can happen. First of all, numerous objects and structures in your home can be dangerous. We are talking about appliances, furniture, doors, tools, and all sorts of heavy items you use. Many people don’t even think about these since they use them regularly, but this incident can happen if not careful. You may not know this, but Jimmy Fallon experienced the same accident when his wedding band got caught on a surface in his kitchen. It was a pretty innocent situation, but according to him, it took surgeons six hours to repair the damage and save his finger.

Next, gym equipment can also be your worst enemy. It is not only heavy but it is also made of metal. It is why professionals always advise people to remove all the jewelry before starting their fitness sessions. Finally, if you work with heavy machinery or use any kind of tools, removing the band before going to work is vital. Truth be told, most of these incidents happen to people who work in factories or similar facilities, when it is enough to take your eyes off the task in front of you for a mere second.

How to prevent ring avulsion

Although this experience sounds scary, we have to say once again that it rarely happens. However, there are several things you can do to prevent it, and here are some of them.

1. Choose the Right Ring Size at the Beginning

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The very first thing you can do is to ensure that the ring fits you perfectly. Naturally, if you get one that is too small, you will have it resized as soon as possible. Nevertheless, when it is slightly bigger, most people don’t bother with it unless it is too big. Obviously, if it is too big, it increases the chances of this incident occurring since it can easily catch on any surface. Due to this reason, you need to have it adjusted so that it fits your finger perfectly.

2. Opt for a More Secure Ring Style

Moreover, did you know that some ring styles are more secure than others? Firstly, you should always go with metals that don’t contain iron, meaning those that aren’t magnetic. This is crucial if you work with heavy machinery daily. Platinum, sterling silver, and gold are always great choices.

In addition, you should always go with a band that has a smooth surface, both the inner and outer one. This is vital for two reasons. Firstly, the chances of a smooth ring catching on to something are quite small. Secondly, if this does happen, your injuries will be minor since there won’t be any ridges to harm the skin and flesh.

3. Remove Your Ring When Working With Your Hands

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Yes, we know. Not a lot of people are in the habit of removing their bands when working on anything, but it is a habit you should adopt as soon as possible. It goes without saying that you have to do this when working with heavy machinery, but you should also do it when working on a project in your shed or using gardening tools.

Moreover, you should also take it off before engaging in several activities. As already mentioned, this includes exercising in a gym with professional equipment, but also when playing sports. This way, you won’t only prevent this accident from happening but also protect the ring’s quality. If you don’t wear it in these situations, there is no risk of it getting damaged.

4. Wear an Anti Ring Avulsion Ring

Finally, you should think about getting an anti-ring avulsion band. These are rings made of silicone materials, which completely adjust to your finger and movements. If it does get stuck on a surface, it will easily break and prevent trauma. Besides, as you can assume, they are very comfortable, which can be essential if you are not used to wearing them, and they offer several other benefits you can discover on this site.

What Should I Do When Ring Avulsion Happen?

Lastly, before we conclude this article, let us tell you what you should do if this incident occurs. Yes, you can assess the severity of the situation on your own. If you are not in pain and there is no swelling, you will be fine. However, as already stated, if you notice any of the symptoms, you should go to a hospital and see a doctor even if there is no obvious trauma. Naturally, if the damage is considerable, you need to get medical assistance immediately.