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Casino in Cinema ─ The Most Striking Scenes From Films About Casinos and Gamblers

In many films, there are scenes shot in gambling houses. Big money, the heat of passion, worries, hopes, joy of winners and disappointment of losers – all this attracts film lovers. In this article we will consider two of the most striking scenes from casino films.

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  • The film Casino Royale ─ a masterclass from James Bond.
  • The film “Time” ─ A Game of Life by Will Salas.

Winning $120 Million in “Casino Royale”

In this film, James Bond not only hunts for criminals but also takes part in the largest poker tournament. Using various tricks and perfectly knowing his opponents, he not only perfectly bluffs but also collects the strongest combinations. So, Bond is already in the finals. The founder announces that now the last stage of the tournament will take place and the minimum bet is one million dollars. Everything is decided firsthand.

There were four players left in the game and 28 million in the pot when the dealer put the fifth card on the table on the river. As a result, the Ace of Spades, the Ace of Hearts, the Six of Spades, the Eight of Spades, and the Four of Spades were all on the board. The first thing that catches your eye is that there is one more spade missing to close the flush, with the lower flushes coming from the deuce or three spades and the higher flushes from any card above the four spades.

The player on the small blind is Mr. Bond, his word is first and he says “Check”. The player on the big blind goes second, he has a short stack of 6 million; obviously, he needs to move all-in with any hand. So he does. The next player in the cut-off position, goes all-in, 5 million. The floor then goes to Bond’s main opponent who is on the button, he raises 12 million. James goes all-in, 40.5 million and his opponent calls. The pot is now 115 million.

Now the Players Must Show Their Cards

The big blind is revealed first, as he has started to get aggressive. He has a king and queen of spades, the highest flush of all possible flushes. Cut off reveals two eights, he has a full house: three eights and two aces. The button shows a senior full house, opening an ace and a six. Bond is the last to open, so what will he have? I don’t think there’s an older combination.

But we’ve forgotten the straight flush! James opens a five and seven of spades and we see a straight flush from four to eight, a rare stroke of luck. The frustrated competitors leave the table and the elusive J. Bond takes the biggest pot in history. For this hand, the dealer receives a red plate worth $500,000 from the winner.

Winning 1100 (Years) From Will Salas in the Film Time

In a post-cyberpunk world, brutal laws have been established where instead of currency there are “years”, the time of your life. Time is how people get paid for their wages and how they pay in shops. Those who have little time die quickly, those who have a lot of time live forever.

Our hero, Will Salas, came to the most expensive casino, and already at the entrance he was warned that for new customers there is a rule – you have to say goodbye to a year of your life to join the game. That didn’t stop Will, he headed to the table with the biggest stakes. In the next frame, we see the flop: seven of clubs, queen of hearts, five of spades.

The dealer cuts a card and deals the turn: jack of clubs. Philip Weiss, the owner of Time Bank, Salas’ opponent, looks at his cards. He has two black queens, meaning he has already collected a set and has a chance of a full house or a rack, about 25%. He bets 50 (years) into a pot of 600, and Will calls the equalizer. A fifth card is dealt, the river, which is the six of diamonds. This card does not give the banker a full house or a rack, but he bets 200 (years), believing his set is still strong. Our hero equalizes. The pot comes to 700 plus 400, for a total of 1100 (years).

The players reveal their cards and we see Will’s four of spades and eight of hearts, he has collected a straight of fours to eights. He should have hurried as his lifetime is running out, with seconds to go, but he manages to get his hand to the timing mechanism – and becomes rich. Philip introduces him to his daughter and invites him to his house to get even. Will accepts the challenge. What happened next, you’ll find out by turning on the film. This scene is good because the main character is risking not money, but his own life.

In Terms of Poker Maths

In the film, it seems that Will makes a bold move on the turn, but in reality, he absolutely should have equaled that bet with 50 (years). The fact is that this is only a twelfth of the pot, and a sixth of the pot is enough to collect a straight (on one street).

The banker made a mistake in betting so little. If he had bet at least 300 (years), half a pot, it would have been disadvantageous for Salas to equalize. As a result, we got a pattern: the strongest player won, and the weakest player retreated, hoping for a rematch.

Brief Conclusion

We have considered two vivid scenes from films recognized as world classics. Viewers root for their idols and expect them to succeed. Often they manage to win, but it should be remembered that the game requires patience and labor.

It is necessary not only to be brave and take risks but also to follow the rules of poker, do not neglect the maths. Today you can play yourself both in a real institution and online.