Which Are the Top 5 Singers in the 5 Most Popular Genres

Music isn’t a sports contest where people can fight for a trophy by running, and the results precisely show who is the fastest, hence the best among all others. Nor should it be, since artistic expression is about connecting and sending a message to millions of people all over the globe.

However, some measurables can indicate who is the best such as the number of albums sold, how many songs one has at the top of music charts, the level of popularity among music lovers worldwide, etc. Nevertheless, even this isn’t an accurate indication of whether someone is better than everyone else since we all know that a studio album by a classical musician sells a lot fewer copies than Kanye West’s.

Does this make Kanye better than the classical musician? No.

Still, it’s fun and interesting to compare musicians and list the top 5 singers in the most famous music genres today. We can do so by choosing them according to only one measurable – popularity.

Therefore, let’s begin our journey.

Pop Music – Adele

Source: latimes.com

Pop music is the most popular music genre all across the globe, and the most famous singer in this category is still Adele. Yes, many can be on this list, such as Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and others. Still, it’s undeniable that the true connection between proper pop music and popularity comes along only with Adele.

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Fans had to wait for a long time for Adele to drop new material, and she finally did so last year with her latest studio album, 30. This album is a massive hit since it’s at the top of music charts worldwide and has already sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide.

If you combine this album and all of Adele’s previous mega-hit songs, it’s more than evident why it’s worth attending an Adele concert as soon as possible.

Reggaeton – Bad Bunny

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The only music genre close to becoming more famous even than pop music is reggaeton. And the king of reggaeton music is undoubtedly Bad Bunny.

It’s not surprising that Bad Bunny tickets 2024 already sell out in a matter of minutes, considering the fact he’s the most famous and successful reggaeton singer. In addition, the Puerto Rican singer is one of the biggest reasons reggaeton has become so well-known worldwide, even though some view this music as exciting while others as a genre that has no quality at all. Reggaeton is certainly both loved and hated, but there’s no denying that it’s one of today’s most famous music genres.

Bad Bunny has five albums, and what connects him to audiences from many countries is that he addresses crucial social issues such as LGBT rights, writes lyrics about love, and also helped his native country by raising awareness about hurricane Fiona.

If you like to see this reggaeton singer perform live, make sure to check Bad Bunny tour dates 2024 and buy tickets to see how he electrifies the audience the moment he hits the stage.

Metal – Metallica

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There’s almost no need to explain why Metallica is on this list since, without this heavy metal band, this music genre would have never become famous worldwide, especially not to this extent.

Metallica began their fascinating musical journey in 1981, so they have been rocking stages worldwide for more than 40 years. With their ten studio albums and countless mega-hits, it’s evident why they are part of the Rock’ n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Furthermore, this legendary metal band is the only one ever to play all seven continents since Metallica played in Antarctica in 2013.

Their best studio album is Metallica, famously known as The Black Album, which sold almost 17 million copies only in the US.

Rock – The Rolling Stones

Things get tricky regarding rock music since there are so many fantastic bands, but no one can deny that at the top are the legendary Rolling Stones.

Unfortunately, legendary drummer Charlie Watts is no longer with us, but the fantastic trio – Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Ronnie Wood are still entertaining rock fans all across the world. The Rolling Stones began to play in 1962, making them one of the few bands in any music genre to celebrate a 60-year-long career.

Their many hits, such as Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Sympathy for the Devil, Angie, Paint it, Black, Gimme Shelter, and Brown Sugar, are only some of the long list of beautiful Rolling Stones tracks. Also, you have to see them perform live since there aren’t many 70+-year-old granddads rocking stages all over the globe!

Rap/Hip-Hop – Eminem

Source: complex.com

Many other rappers deserve to be on this list, but Eminem still holds the number one spot, even though he was out of the game for some time.

In the early 2000s, he was one of the most promising rising stars on the rap scene, and he most certainly showed everyone he deserved this epithet. Then a young guy with blond hair and a specific voice, but today a hip-hop and rap music legend who is highly famous in almost any country you can imagine across the world.

Like Metallica made metal music acceptable for mass audiences, TV, and radio stations, Eminem did the same with rap music. He is still true to his rap roots and always tries to create songs that correspond with what he wants to address, not what the music business requires – hence why he is one of the few hip-hop artists who has been at the top for more than 30 years.

This is our view on the top five singers in the five most famous music genres, all of which are worth buying a concert ticket for immediately. So, please don’t waste any more time since concert tickets for these performers sell out fast.

We wish you a lot of fun with your best friends!