6 Question To Ask An Immigration Solicitor When Hiring – In 2024

If your dream is to move to another country, then hiring a solicitor to draw up the legal requirements should be on the very top of your to-do list.

When doing so, you will need to ask certain questions to make sure that the immigration solicitor is the right person before hiring them. And if you’re interested in what exactly the solicitor needs to be asked, then this is the article for you.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. What Areas Of Immigration Law Do You Specialize In?

While we won’t get into why you’re thinking of immigrating or how you’re planning on doing it, it’s important that you ask the person this question.

The reason why this is important is that there are a number of fields that immigration solicitors can specialize in. Simply saying that they’re an immigration solicitor isn’t enough to hire them. This field is huge, so finding the right person for the job is of utmost importance.

Maybe they specialize in obtaining visas or maybe they specialize in family immigration. There are a huge number of sub-fields that you need to explore with your solicitor.

If we also take into account that the field of immigration changes very quickly, hiring the wrong person will only lose you money and time.

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2. Are You A Member Of the Appropriate Associations?

Depending on where you plan on immigrating, it’s good to know that every country has its own immigration association. If you plan on hiring the right person, then you need to ask them if they’re a member of the appropriate association or body.

We also won’t get into explaining what each country’s association this is, so you will need to do your own research on the matter. But it’s important to point out that by making sure the right solicitor is part of the official association, you will be hiring the right person for the right job.

Considering that each country has its unique laws in regards to immigration, a member of the appropriate association will have first-hand access to all new information regarding visa obtaining and other important dealings.

3. Have You Ever Been Reprimanded?

A very important question to ask, and one that a lot of solicitors hate answering is whether or not they’ve been reprimanded before.

If the solicitor has nothing to hide, then they won’t have a problem answering this question. But if they have, then this is the first sign of a red flag.

Although you shouldn’t storm off the building if they do answer honestly, you might want to look elsewhere if the reasons why they did it are questionable. Each country has a unique court system that must be respected. A rogue agent can do plenty of harm to this system and in turn, jeopardize it.

If the solicitor has been reprimanded or disciplined before for doing something unethical, then it’s time to move on elsewhere.

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4. Have You Handled Similar Cases to Mine?

Once you get in touch with a solicitor, you should first explain to them your case. As you might expect, the solicitor cannot answer some of these questions if you don’t explain to them the situation you’re in.

They cannot tell you if they can help you if they don’t know what you’re looking for. If obtaining a visa is your goal, then you will need to explain to them your story and why you need to get a visa.

The better you explain your case, the higher the chances of getting the answers you’re looking for.

5. How Many Cases Do You Handle At the Same Time?

A very important question and one that has to be taken into account when coming up with the decision is this one. Would you hire a person that works simultaneously on three different cases, or would you be looking for a solicitor that puts all their time and effort into your case?

It’s a no-brainer decision that most of you will probably understand why. Immigration law isn’t a joke and needs to be taken seriously. When hiring an immigration solicitor, you will be paying a lot of money.

The last thing you want is for the whole process to fail and for you to lose all your money. Also, never settle for an intern to take over your case as immigration law is, again, not a joke.

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6. How Long Have You Been Working In the Field?

No doubt yet another important question to ask is regarding their experience. If you want to know whether or not the person is right for the job, then you need to make sure they have the necessary experience.

Immigration law is quite the broad field that requires an understanding of how courts operate, court procedures, law enforcement, and more.

If the solicitor you’re dealing with has worked in the field for 10 years, then you can safely assume they know the ins and outs of the field. If a newbie takes your case, then will you be so sure of a positive outcome?

No doubt a better option is to hire a person that is well respected in their field as opposed to a newcomer that has plenty of learning to do.

But with all that said, if you do indeed hire a well-respected name in the industry then do expect to pay the big bucks.

Discuss Strategy

This isn’t a question to ask, although many would put it as such. Once you find the right person for the job, the next appropriate step is to discuss the right strategy for your case. This one is very important. Your solicitor should put a lot of effort into coming up with the right strategy to seal a win and help you start your new life.

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