Reading Paytables in Online Slots

Slots are often a complex game that can be difficult to understand, especially for new players. This is because they can incorporate different symbols, paylines, wild and scatter symbols and bonus games.
One of the best ways to learn how to play and win online slots is by reading their paytables. These tables show all the rules, features and winning combinations.

1. Symbols


Reading Paytables in Online Slots is a vital part of getting familiar with the game, and it can help you make a more informed decision about your next play. This can increase your chances of winning, as well as your enjoyment at the same time.

Typically, a pay table will include information on all of the standard symbols in the game, as well as any special ones like wilds and scatters. This will also provide you with the amount of money that you can win for landing a certain number of matching symbols on a payline.

If a payline has more than one line, then there will be an extra row of symbols on it, which adds even more potential for winning combinations. These will appear in a grid format on the screen, and it’s up to you to match them up.

In addition, many modern slots offer a range of bonuses and other features, so it’s important to check out the paytable before you start playing. This will give you a good idea of how the bonus features work and whether they’re worth your time.

Another thing to look for on the paytable is how volatile a slot is. Volatile games usually have larger jackpots, which can make them easier to hit. However, they also have more random wins.

A third factor to consider is whether a game has any bet requirements. These can be hidden within the game’s terms and conditions, but they usually describe how much you have to spend before triggering certain bonus features or winning a jackpot prize.

When reading the paytable, be sure to check the direction of payouts – either left to right or right to left. This will ensure that you have the best chance of winning the most money possible.

2. Paylines


If you are a new player to online slots, it is important to read paytables before you start playing. These tables give you an overview of the game, including its rules, symbols, and potential winning combinations. They also contain information about bonus rounds, jackpot prizes, and wager requirements.

A pay table is usually accessible via a button on the options panel of an online slot machine. This button typically looks like ‘pay table’ or ‘view pays’. This button is usually easy to find and will show you the paylines that have been activated by you.

When you activate a payline, you are placing a bet on a specific line of the reels. This bet is based on the number of coins you have chosen to bet per line. It will then be matched with the symbols on the reels to determine a winning combination.

Most slot machines pay the winning symbols from left to right, but some offer a pay-both-ways option. This is a great feature for players who want to maximize their chances of winning. Moreover, it increases the odds of landing a multi-of-a-kind symbol combination as well.

You may also read a pay table before you play if you want to know how much you will win when you get a certain combination of symbols on a particular payline. It will help you make an informed decision on whether to place a bet or not.

Another important thing to remember when reading a pay table is that some games have fixed paylines while others are adjustable. Adjustable paylines are perfect for high rollers as they provide higher take-home payouts, but they also require more bets than fixed-payline slot machines.

3. Bonus Rounds


Bonus rounds are special features that can be triggered within a slot online game. Often, they come with free spins or jackpots that can be won. In some cases, they also award multipliers and wild symbols. The best way to find out if a particular online slot has a bonus round is to read its paytable.

Every slot has its own paytable and it’s important to take a look at it before you play it for real money. It will give you a good idea of what the game is all about and whether it’s worth a try. It will also tell you how much each symbol pays and how much potential each bonus feature has.

Usually, bonus rounds are triggered when a certain number of scatter or bonus symbols appear on the reels. These symbols are different in appearance from the regular ones and usually belong to a specific theme. For example, a scatter that resembles the sun will trigger a bonus round when three or more appear on the reels.

Another type of bonus is extra spins, which are a popular feature in slots nowadays. These are free to play and are often used to attract new players to sign up at a casino site.

In addition, these extra spins can be retriggered more than once during a bonus round. These retriggers are sometimes accompanied by sticky wilds or expanded symbols, which can increase your winnings even more!

Some online slots also have progressive jackpots, which are large payouts that can be won over a period of time. They’re typically based on the size of a player’s bet, but they can also be won with a single spin.

Some games require you to land a certain number of scatters in a specific position, while others require you to collect a certain number of symbols.

The number of scatters required to trigger a bonus round varies from game to game, but in most cases, you need to land at least 3 scatters on the reels for it to activate. You can also get an extra set of free spins for any scatters that land beyond the trigger 3.

Bonus rounds can be a great way to win big. But they can also be a bit tricky to understand, so it’s best to take some time to learn about them.

4. RTP


One of the most important statistics in the world of slots is Return to Player (RTP). This statistic relates to how much money you can expect to win in the long run. Depending on the RTP of a slot, you might decide to stick with it or switch to another game.

The RTP of a slot is an important factor for regular casino players, especially if they want to play slots regularly. Unlike random number generators, which give you a fair chance of winning, RTP ensures that a certain percentage of your bet will be returned to you over time.

When playing slots, it is essential to read the paytables so that you can understand the payout percentage. This is a number that is calculated based on the average bets made by players over a period of time. It also considers the house edge.

As a rule, the higher the RTP, the better it is for you as a player. This is because you can bet more on a slot with higher RTP and still get more value from your money over time.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the actual return to player can vary significantly. The variance of a slot can make it difficult to predict how your session will go. This is why it’s important to consider other factors, such as the game theme and stakes, when choosing your next slot machine.

Some online casinos are more open than others to reveal RTP information, and some of the bigger players, such as Relax Gaming and NetEnt, publish their payout percentages on their websites.

These casinos usually offer a large variety of slots and are reputable.


In addition to RTP, you should also look at other important numbers such as hit frequency and return-to-player. These are all percentages and they show how likely a specific machine is to award a prize on any given spin. For example, a machine with an 8% hit frequency will award a prize eight times out of every hundred spins on average.

Some of the best RTP slots include Book of 99 from Relax Gaming and Blood Suckers from NetEnt. These games are popular among online gamblers because they have a high payout percentage and offer plenty of play-time. However, they aren’t necessarily your best bet if you’re after a big win.