Dinosaur Costumes

Realistic Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaurs hold a special place among all the subjects that fire people’s imaginations. So many kids go through a period of being obsessed with dinosaurs that is practically its developmental stage. (One has to ask: what was the big toddler craze before we had dinosaur fossils?) Adults are hardly immune to dinosaur fever, as the $5 billion Jurassic Park franchise can attest. And while dinosaur costumes are a mainstay of Halloween and science museum gift shops, most of them are unimpressive, even to children.

My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Company provides a superlative line of realistic dinosaur costumes and puppets. The phrase “realistic dinosaur costume” is apt to raise some eyebrows. After all, we are used to seeing dinosaur costumes that are rather crude, low-budget, Godzilla-meets-Barney affairs. Books and movies about dinosaurs conjure up an image of unstoppable reptilian power, and that gets translated into a green bathrobe with felt teeth. In contrast, My Dinosaurs’ costumes are as close as you’ll get to visiting the Cretaceous.

And this matters. Dinosaur enthusiasts are a different species from, say, people who like vampires or princesses. They are scientific. No one who rents a costume of Frankenstein’s monster will complain that the neck electrodes are hex-bolts, whereas the actual electrodes in the Boris Karloff movie are round.

Yet dinosaur lovers, from about age three, seem to all be ready to give you a lecture about the latest research and nomenclature. This is a tough crowd to please. On the other hand, if you can wow them, they’re sold: and nothing will wow them like realistic dinosaur costumes and puppets.

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Before going further, let’s explain “costumes and puppets” for a moment. Many dinosaurs were enormous, and My Dinosaurs does provide realistic scaled-down costumes of large species like Tyrannosaurus rex. They also provide life-size costumes of roughly human-sized dinosaurs, such as Utahraptor and Velociraptor, as well as semi-animatronic costumes of larger dinosaurs, including a “small” 12-foot long Tyrannosaurus rex. Finally, they provide a range of life-size puppets of baby dinosaurs, which are themselves fairly large, and make for a costume ensemble that is unique, adorable, and a little terrifying. Since much of the impact of dinosaurs is their size, having life-size costumes and puppets adds an amazing point of comparison.

The impact of My Dinosaurs’ products is not, however, confined to their size. They are also meticulously researched and designed. They have their own paleontology expert, Dr. Zhou Shiwu. They make a line of robotic and animatronic dinosaurs, and much of that technology is incorporated into their costumes and puppets. This gives their costumes a much more realistic range of motion, including subtleties like eyelids and facial expressions.

They can also roar, or make other recorded noises since nothing breaks the magic faster than a Velociraptor saying “uh, excuse me”. They are weatherproof (which is important, given that some of them would not fit easily indoors!) They can all be customized in various ways, including the animatronic elements, vocal recordings, and coloration.

For people hosting a paleontology-themed event, My Dinosaur’s rentals are a must-have. They are equally on point for anything science-themed, or even science-fiction-themed. But the truth is, everybody loves dinosaurs, and most people have never seen dinosaur costumes of this quality close-up.

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That makes My Dinosaurs’ products a brilliant choice for a very wide range of events, from fairs and expositions to Halloween to television shows to parades. (Hometown parade in Peoria? How about “Peoria, 100 million years ago.” Any excuse for a walking, growling, T. Rexis a good one.)

There are many young dinosaur fans, but most of them would probably not react well to seeing a life-size, hyper-realistic raptor coming after them. (Perhaps, after all, part of the appeal of dinosaurs is that they’re safely extinct).

All the same, My Dinosaurs’ products can turn a forgettable event for kids into something they’ll talk about for years. By age four or five, kids may find mimes and face-painters to be a bore, but give them a couple of realistic baby dinosaurs and their “dinosaur nannies”, and their parents will have to drag them away.