How Do You Record Your Screen and Make a Video Tutorial?

Creating something from scratch is never easy, but today, everything is much easier than ever before. Of course, most of that is due to technology, as today, there is software or a program that does most of the work for us, but even so, many still find it troubling to find or do some basic things online.

Namely, social networks are nothing new, and with Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat being so popular these days, one would easily think that everyone knows how to post something, use filters to enhance an image, or create a video.

Now, in reality, things are a little bit different, as even though creating videos is far from something that challenging, it all depends on the quality and what that video is all about, meaning that content is of vast importance too. If we take tutorials as an example, making a quality one that will stand out might seem like a difficult thing.

Video tutorials making process


Video tutorials are also something that has been highly popular for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean that making a quality one that will reach more audience is easy, far from it. There is a golden standard for most things, and the same is with tutorials, which is why if we really want to make an exemplary one, we need to know the basics of the video tutorial-making process, like the topic we are covering, whether it’s highly popular or not, and which program to use to record our screen.

Yes, there are way too many options available, but in essence, there are two main things to keep in mind when picking the best program. The first is about choosing the quality program, and the second is to go with the one that suits your video editing knowledge and preferences.

Now, this is where most people make a mistake, especially those with not enough experience in this field, as they tend to go with the best of the best programs, even though they will use just certain things they already know.

Of course, practice makes it perfect, but here, it would all be for nothing if we don’t know when or how to use certain features. That is why we created a guide about how to record your screen and make a video tutorial that everyone can use, regardless of how much experience you have in this field.

The process

The first thing to clarify here is that these types of tutorials are more educational or, to be more precise, instructional videos, as their goal is to equip people with knowledge on how to do something the right way.

As for the type or genre, it all depends on what you think might interest people, combined with your knowledge in certain fields. All these things are the first step of recording the screen and making a tutorial video on certain subjects, and you should start recording the video only when you know precisely which topic you want to cover.

The basics

Once you have all the information about some subject and are ready to start recording, there should always be a screen recording tool that will start blinking red once you click on it, regardless of the program you use.

Some programs have instructions that say “click here to start recording,” but even if the one you use doesn’t have such instructions, the play/stop symbol is usually the one you should click on. Besides that, the instructions should clearly state “record and create,” and the button is usually placed in the left corner.

The sound is important


Besides the high-quality video, it is important to pay attention to the sound and make sure it is clear without background noise, or your viewers will not be happy watching it. Tutorials are usually step-by-step guides related to certain topics, and the explanation we provide to our viewers is crucial, or they will not be able to understand them.

Because of that, checking the sound before publishing is a must, and if it is not clear enough, we can fix it in the editing process, but keep in mind that it is much better to record in the silent room than spend hours editing it.

Avoid too lengthy explanations

We all agree that it is better to explain every step when making a tutorial, so our viewers can know what to do after watching it, but it is never a good option to make them too long. Extremely long videos can never keep the viewers’ attention, and instead of waiting for another tutorial to watch, they will quit watching after some time. The main question is what is too long and what is the optimal length of these tutorials.

Well, if you want to be sure that it is not too long or too short, it is best to keep it somewhere between two and ten minutes. It is enough time to explain everything without bothering the audience with unnecessary details.

Add some effects


We can add various effects to our tutorials by using different editing tools and make them look much more attractive. It is all up to us, and we can choose whichever effect we like and add a personal touch to our videos, which will make them recognizable if we decide to record more of them and start a career out of them. The editing process is important, just like the recording process is, and we need to pay attention to it before publishing anything.

To summarize

Recording video tutorials is not too complicated anymore, thanks to modern technology and the various options we have on the market, but it is crucial to choose the best possible program we can find in order to create high-quality tutorials.

It can be pretty challenging, especially for beginners, due to too many options available, but we have a solution for people who are impatient to start creating their videos and don’t want to lose time finding the best recorder.

If you are one of them and want to find a free screen recorder, Flashbackrecorder is one of the best choices you can make.