Anri Sugihara Net Worth 2024


Anri Sugihara is a left-handed Asian gravure model. She decided to use her low height and shrill voice to her use by opting for a career in the gravure industry. In this particular industry, she had to work as a model for men’s magazines. She needed to look young and appealing.

About Anri

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Anri finished her education in Nagasaki and wanted to shift to Tokyo to pursue her career as a model. She was selected as the secretary of Tourism in Hiroshima Prefecture, in 2012. She is currently 37 years old and has major investments in the stock market.

Early Life And Family

Sugihara was born in 1982 in Japan. She is an introvert and keeps her private life to herself. She does not give out too much information about her dating life.

She has been seen publicly with many people however, there is no correct information about who she is dating. But she is unmarried currently and busy with her career.
Her Career And Major Milestones

She started her career as a gravure model and was backed up by leading talent houses. She was launched by Starmax Promotion, Arimax, and Fitone and earned quite a name and popularity. Though she stuck to a specific genre of photography still she had earned a position in the top 30,000 names of popular actresses.

She has worked in multiple films and dramas during her early days. She has made frequent appearances in multiple magazines in different sections like food, style, etc.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Anri Sugihara

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Did you know that the gravure industry has a few limitations when it comes to age? Most of their models are a maximum of 30 years. However, Anri stuck pretty long and explored outside the field to earn name, and money.

She has been a part of dramas like Hisho no Kagami, Tomica Hero: Rescue force, Tetsuko no Sodatekata, Natsu No Hi no Koi: Summer Time. She has also been a part of films like O Haka ni Tomaro, and “..and love” as a lead actress.

Anri loves Thailand and is skilled in capoeira. She has gastroptosis, which is not a dangerous medical condition but needs care and treatment. In the year 2014, she received the title Zai Tech Taranto after successful investments in the stock market.

She has been photographed multiple times in sensual, alluring poses but has never opted for completely nude poses. Her strength was her powerful screen presence, and captivating, photographs that made her a favorite among men.

She wore revealing clothes and her photography was more about appearing naive and innocent instead of bold, and aggressive. It was one of the reasons why her face and body type were well suited for gravure photography.

Net Worth

Anri Sugihara has an estimated network of one to five million. As a young star, she has earned quite a lot as compared to many of her contemporaries. Her primary source of income is acting and modeling.