Scotty Kilmer Net Worth 2024


Scott Miechal, popularly known as Scotty Kilmer is a YouTube star. He has also written a book and has been a mechanic since the age of 14. He loves cars and his channel revolves around the same. The aspect in him that made him popular was his way of speaking and another fact is that he regularly posts videos on his channel so people always have something new to watch and all of his content is entertaining which makes people wait for his latest videos.

He claims that he has over 50 years of experience being a mechanic and that makes his viewers trust his advice about automobiles. There is a lot more to this person’s life than just cars, want to know them as well? Keep reading.

About Scotty Kilmer

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He believes that because of his Golden experience he knows a lot about cars and his advice is always right, but some of his haters think differently and say that his advice is bad for the long run. Even after going through the negative comments and criticism, his channel managed to reach great heights.

With over 3 million subscribers and views reaching billions he knows his channel is a hit and viewers love to watch his videos, so he continues to post even today when he is growing old to keep his fans happy.

Early Life And Family

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This car legend was born on 2nd October in the year 1953. During his youth, he used to work with his grandfather who was a mechanic as well and he claims that he was the one who taught him about vehicles and showed him how things work.

Talking about his educational area, he has a master’s in anthropology. He was in the process of pursuing a Ph.D. when he made a life-changing decision and risked his future by quitting his studies. Later he became a successful personality on Youtube and a great mechanic.

Talking about his family, he is married to Leslie Kilmer. They have two sons and one grandson.

His Career And Major Milestones

Before he decided to join the YouTube community, he was in a Television show named Crank it up. The show was based on automobiles and how minor problems can be fixed easily without putting in much effort.

Later he started his channel and used his client’s cars to portray defects and explain how one can fix them and added advice about maintenance and other details that a car owner should know.

He also wrote a book about buying old cars and their maintenance.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Scotty Kilmer

His show got an Emmy award.
Even though he loves cars and being around them, he is a motorcycle rider.

Net Worth

His exact net worth is not known, but it is around 3.8 million dollars to 4 million dollars. His major earnings are through his famous YouTube channel that has more than a billion views and others through fixing and modifying cars.