5 Tips for Selling Your Cottage during the Summer!

Those who have experienced the joys of renting or owning a cottage can agree that some of the most treasured memories are made while spending time away from the hustles of daily life.

Some cottage properties stay in the family for many generations, continuing the legacy of precious family moments. However, not all cottages are kept forever, whether it’s time to move on from cottage country or you’re working with Muskoka-Realestate.ca to upgrade to a newer, more suitable cottage for your needs.

Selling a cottage is easy from the outside, what with the pristine surroundings and quiet nature away of things. However, the real task is making your cottage inside look and feel as beautiful as the outside.

The following are some pointers and ideas on transforming a cherished old cottage into a stunning summer residence for fashionable, forthcoming customers. Even though you adore the location, selling it quickly will allow you to concentrate on your next cottage adventure.

First things first – Declutter!

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While you and your family may adore the niche artwork on the walls or the collection of antique figures you’ve accumulated from thrift stores over the years, a potential young buyer on the market for a new cottage may find these items less than appealing. A good thing to do for staging your cottage for resale is to remove yourself and your more “personal touches” away from the equation altogether and take a different look at the cottage.

People desire to envision themselves living in a different setting. The more trinkets and interesting thrift store finds that are strewn about, the fewer prospective buyers will be interested in the property. They won’t be able to see the property with their own eyes. Thus they won’t be able to see it furnished with their possessions. The short version is: You don’t want the home buyer to feel like they’re in your home at all, but in their next home instead. After spending a weekend going through each room, consider having a yard sale once you’re back in the city.

Additionally, you could donate items that are no longer needed. Get rid of anything outdated that you don’t need and start fresh in your new vacation house. The cottage will gradually start to feel and appear more modern and marketable as you start to clear it of clutter.

Set the Mood

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If you’ve ever walked into a home viewing and smelled freshly baked cookies, this is no happy accident. Many people bake or light scented candles while showing homes. Nice and fresh scents can make viewers feel at ease and familiar, and they more easily envision themselves residing in the home, enjoying their very own baked goods. Besides scents, other things such as lighting, colourful décor, and houseplants can also help create a cozy that will make your cottage more appealing to prospective buyers.

Experts say there are only eight seconds to make a good first impression on a person, so you need to make sure that potential buyers are drawn in by the cottage’s charm right away. For cottage specific, try using scents such as sage, pine, or cedar. Such aromas can evoke the cottage’s natural surroundings, inspiring people to reflect on how beautiful their current location is.

Invite and Entertain

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Owning a cottage is great since it allows you to host friends and family. Show off this feature to prospective buyers by converting the living room and kitchen into cozy gathering places. Encourage them to consider how they might amuse visitors. Make sure to thoroughly clean everything, from the TV to the light fixtures. Place settings for the dining table should be elegant, and all appliances should be polished.

To demonstrate to viewers how magically entertaining the area may be for them, you could even display a bottle of champagne or party snacks and place it on the table. Give the impression that it is their cottage and a place where they can get cozy, host parties, and entertain the family.

Make the most out of your Outdoor Space

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Most people buy a cottage because they want to take advantage of all the wonderful things nature has to offer, such as the lake, deck, and dock. To make your exterior the “great outdoors” experience potential buyers are looking for, consider making some changes to the aesthetics and landscaping in the area.

If you are looking at planting some new greenery and wildlife, consider that there are certain types of plants that are particularly attractive to animal wildlife like deer and insects. So bear this in mind as you select which plants you want for your cottage landscaping, as you may not wish to plant wasp-attracting plants right by your back deck or put time and effort into a garden that will only be eaten by animals.

If attracting wildlife is your ultimate goal, however, such as those wanting to wake up in the morning to find nature literally on their doorstep, there are many types of plants that will accomplish precisely that, such as those that draw in wildlife like pollinators like bees and butterflies, or small creatures such as chipmunks, foxes, and hummingbirds.

If your cottage is on the water, consider keeping your dock up to date and making it look clean and new, apply a new layer of paint or stain.

To inspect for any required maintenance and repairs, take into consideration hiring an expert. The deck and dock need to be in outstanding condition before you open the cottage to the public.

In order to maintain the garden and add some more colour with flowers and plants, you might also wish to engage a landscaping firm.

Work With Realtors Who Specialize in Cottage Country

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If you haven’t already done so, think about the advantages of dealing with a group of realtors who specialize in cottages. They’ll be knowledgeable about selling vacation homes, have a better understanding of the market, and have more suggestions for how to make your cottage appealing and contemporary.

Selling the cottage evokes a range of feelings, including excitement and nostalgia. With these pointers, you’ll quickly feel at home in your new temporary residence.