Should You Sue if You Were Not Injured in a Car Accident?

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a car accident and get hurt, you can file a lawsuit and ask for damages. This is the way you should approach the situation if this misfortune ever happens to you. Accidents and lawsuits bode well together, and people often associate suing someone with suffering an injury. But, you can file a claim even if you were not injured during a car accident. Sometimes, only your car will get damaged, and you won’t be able to recuperate money from the insurance company. The lawsuit could be your only solution.

Of course, this is a route you could and in many instances should take, but you need to be careful. In order to be able to be paid for the damages your car suffered, you’ll need to be able to prove that the other person was the one responsible for the accident. In some cases, this might be easy to prove, in others it is a bit more difficult. In any case, you’ll need to have all the documentation prepared, to be able to prove your case. The good news is that many lawyers offer to review your files for free, to see if there’s any merit in suing before they file. Before you make a move, it’s good to talk to a professional and see where you stand. You need to take a good look at your option and think if should you sue if you were not injured in a car accident.

Hire a Lawyer Before Suing


Yes, you should sue if you have evidence that you’re not responsible for the damages that you suffered in the car accident. It doesn’t matter if you were unscratched, it’s enough that your vehicle was damaged. Here, you have two options – suing the insurance companies involved, or any other party involved that has a liability in the accident. But, before you jump on this ship, you need to make sure that it’s not Titanic. To avoid any mistakes the best move you could make is to hire a personal injury lawyer.

By doing this you’ll ensure to receive any financial compensations or losses that you’re entitled to. Experienced lawyers who handle the cases of car accidents could offer massive help in handling your situation, and stand up for your interests even in front of a court. In most situations, these cases don’t reach a full jury but if this happens, you want a good lawyer on your side. If you don’t know where to find one, there are a few available if you check this website. The help you’ll find will ensure that you are properly compensated even if there’s no injury involved. You shouldn’t be discouraged to seek compensation even if you suffered no physical injuries. Victims of car accidents often suffer from emotional trauma distress, property damage, and you could have severe financial losses. When this is the case there’s always compensation involved, all you need to do is to seek it.

Compensation After a No-Injury Car Accident


While you might not have any injury at the moment of the accident, you could start feeling consequences later on. Unfortunately, many injuries you can experience during a car accident have delayed symptoms. This is why it’s essential not to be relaxed after the accident, but to look out for any changes to your body. In some cases, symptoms come out on the surface after a few weeks. If you were in a car accident you need to know what could happen to you, so that you don’t get surprised with sudden changes in the way your body behaves. One of the first things you need to pay attention to is whiplash. This condition is a consequence of a strain your neck suffers as a consequence of you being tied with a seatbelt. In most cases, you start feeling that something is wrong weeks after the accident. This is not something that should be neglected as many people start suffering from it chronically.

Another quite serious condition that in some instances shows its ugly face weeks after the misfortune is a concussion. When the case is not complicated, the feeling of being concussed disappears after a few days. But, when things go for the worse, you might be suffering from a severe head injury. Like the ones, NFL players suffer on the field when there’s a helmet-to-helmet contact. This is something to be careful about as symptoms of a concussion are sometimes present for weeks and even months. So if you start experiencing frequent headaches and vomiting sessions long after the accident occurred be sure to visit a doctor as the situation is quite severe by that point. It is called post-concussive syndrome and if you are experiencing it in addition to a doctor, you’ll also be needing a lawyer, as tracing this type of injury back to the accident is quite possible and it lays the ground for your lawsuit.


In the end, you could also be suffering from internal bleeding which is quite a reason for concern. Some injuries, that happen on the inside, are not visible until some time passes. That’s why it’s vital to wait a little bit before filing a lawsuit, as you could have a more viable ground once some injuries are discovered. In most cases, internal injuries are caused by seatbelts. While they save our lives, they don’t make us immune to injuries. Most doctors won’t be able to detect internal bleeding immediately after the accident, but they’ll tell you to look for it.

Now that you know that you might be experiencing injuries even if they’re not visible straight away, the chances are that in a case of a smaller car accident you won’t be suffering any of these. That’s is essential to be aware that you have the right to re-compensating damages if your property is damaged, by all viable parties and insurance companies. Injuries or no injuries, if you’re the victim of a car accident, you’re entitled to damages, and if suing is your only option, do it!