Top 7 Best Proofhub Alternative 2024

Companies need project management tools to increase team collaboration and get work done on time. One of the best software out there is ProofHub. This software comes with project management, work management, and task management capabilities. It is one of the most popular software programs in the industry. However, there are many alternatives available as well.

We will share about all the best possible alternatives because we all know how much we all love free stuff that has paid features. So, same will be the case with the mentioned proof hub alternatives. All similar software come with different features suited to the diverse needs of different businesses. But they all have a similar goal, to help you get similar features.

If you are looking forward to managing your projects online, then you should subscribe to this software. Because proof hub is the real deal and has gained massive popularity in the marketplace due to seamless services. With a reliable internet package like Cox deals, you can manage everything on the cloud. Get more on Cox bundles and deals here. Also, you can read about some of the best project management software out there.



One of the best online resource management tools, Mavenlink is an ideal choice for professional business teams. This tool comes with many key features that help in taking care of many business functions. Features such as time-tracking, project management, resource planning, financial management, and project timeline are quite popular and useful for most organizations. Many top brands use the resource management platform. These top companies include names like Salesforce, Grant Thornton, and Cornerstone.

Do note that a resource management tool is ideal for mid-sized and large-sized companies. For most startups, simpler versions of such tools exist. Resource planning at the enterprise level makes more sense due to the regular interaction with external and internal stakeholders. It is important to know about the project status regularly as well as employee diligence.


An excellent management tool that excels in integrating test management and team collaboration is Ayla. It follows modern approaches and provides a very user-friendly interface. The management team can easily view the complete details of a project. Users can easily generate new ideas and immediately start working on them. Top leadership can see the complete progress of a project with even minor details.

While working on this tool, they can also manage resources and have a look at their achievements during a project lifecycle as well. The tool helps human resource professionals to easily evaluate employee progress as well. By working in collaboration with team leads, they can easily assess an employee’s progress and plan a raise in salary or bonus. Ayla is one of the efficient ones and has the capability of making a business prosper to its full potential.


During the ongoing pandemic many people are looking for a remote team management tool. is one such tool that comes with features dedicated to managing an entire team remotely. Not many software come with management, paying, and collaboration features like The online centralized platform aids top leadership to manage the entire workforce.

They can view the progress of team members during the entire project lifecycle. Not only that, but they can also have a look at team communication and crisis management.

The software can also be used to track budget, spot deficiencies, and aid in making better business decisions. So, it’s a great one in all tool to help you manage your business and employees in an efficient manner but also helps you take off load from your shoulders. Tools like these not only make it easy for you but also provide room for sustainable growth of businesses.


Dealroom is an ideal resource management tool that combines conventional practices with modern ones. Not only does the platform excel in data storage, but it also surpasses many other tools in pipeline management, progress management, and integration management.

With the help of all these capabilities, you can easily manage the project even when employees are working remotely. One of the key offerings of the platform is its complex financial transaction management capabilities. You can also handle M&A transactions on Dealroom. Being a good alternative of proofhub, this has surprised a lot of people with its versatility. Because the purpose of all these online tools is to provide you a space where you handle your professional commitments to the fullest.



Range is another resource management tool that helps in enabling great teamwork. The tool comes with many updates so that managers can be aware of what their juniors of working on. You can use the tool to conduct standups on a daily basis. Share your work and keep in sync with your team members on the platform. You can also answer team questions, share insights, and appreciate achievements.

The tool is an excellent choice to improve internal communication between teams. With dedicated chat channels, colleagues can interact with one another interactively even when working remotely. It is not just good for collaboration between team members but it also sense of develops a good working relationship between team members and aids the team building effort. is the central hub for effective team management. Many companies use this excellent tool to manage projects based on different software development methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall. Here, you can plan your workflow and work with powerful Agile Sprints. Not only that, but the tool also comes with highly user-friendly Kanban dashboards as well.

Particularly for software projects, is an ideal tool.

With the help of the above tools, you can manage your resources with ease and comfort. By doing so, you can save a lot of time that you can spend on more fruitful and business-enriching activities. Select a tool that best suits your business model and start managing your resources like a pro!