7 Easy Tips For Choosing The Best Kegerator Tap Handles

If you’re really into beer brewing, then kegerator tap handles are exactly what you need. This is a great investment in the development of your bar, which will make your establishment stand out from the competition, allow you to express yourself and personalize your style.

We have collected the top 7 tips that will facilitate your search for the perfect beer tap handles.

1. Shape

Kegerator tap handles come in many different shapes: from standard cylindrical or rectangular models, paddle- or caduceus-shaped, with a knob – to truly unique things that will become a real zest of your bar.

Using non-standard models, you are as if telling your customers: we are seriously engaged in craft beer culture. That means they can count on excellent service and the unforgettable taste of the beverages.

Let’s consider the most popular beer handles that you can use for these purposes:

  • Chef bar tap

Made from the finest European ceramics and worked down to the smallest detail, this is not just a beer tap handle, but a real work of art!

  • President Obama

Can you imagine President Obama wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes with a balalaika in his hands? Easy if it’s an original beer tap handle!

  • Santa Claus

What could be a better Christmas gift than a keg of beer? If you are happy with such a present, then this beer tap handle is created for you!

  • Bikini girl

Frankly and sexually – why not? Especially when it comes to the original beer tap handle!

  • Farmer

The perfect end of a hard day at the farm can only be with a glass of cool fresh beer. Especially when served with such an unusual tap handle.

  • Peace-sign tap handle

Peace is what many people are missing now. We wish we’d never known war, and the perfect reminder of that is this beer tap handle.

  • Pig Mafia

Most likely, a mafia boss wouldn’t appreciate it, but you and we aren’t in the mafia, right?

  • Collectible Bavaria tap handle (or other brand)

A great solution for those who serve famous beer and want visitors to know about its availability in their range!

  • Lady in a red dress

A perfect option for those who prefer something more discreet than a girl in a bikini; a lady in a red dress will become a real highlight on your bar counter!

In addition to the above, you can order a custom design of beer tap handles.

When creating your original design, make sure that the product is not too heavy or too thin at the top. Otherwise, it may not be convenient and durable enough.

2. Material

Source: unsplash.com

Wood, ceramic or porcelain, brass, glass, acrylic, etc. are usually used for the production.

The most popular options are wood and ceramics.

If you prefer wood, you will definitely not regret the choice! You can choose from ash-tree or alder models: each type of wood has its unique color and pattern.

In addition, this raw material is perfectly machinable, so you can put into practice almost any design.

The ceramic beer tap handles are also popular among brewers. They are considered sufficiently durable, reliable and convenient. Here you can find both traditional models and unique products that will be noticed by customers of your bar.

3. Size

If you have a small bar, one or two taps for beer dispensing are usually enough.

If you serve many different beer varieties, then you will need a separate beer tap handle for each type. It is very important to choose sizes that can be conveniently placed on the bar counter and do not interfere with each other.

Most of these products have the following dimensions:

  • Standard height: 9-13 inches;
  • Height of short tap handles 4-6 inches;
  • Width/depth: up to 3 inches.

4. Style

Source: cancanawards.com

The choice of a perfect shape and design of a beer tap handle is greatly affected by the style of your establishment.

So before ordering, make sure that the product will fit the rest of the interior:

  • What colors and materials prevail?
  • What’s the style of the bar?
  • What does the bar counter or the kegerator on which the beer handle will be installed look like?

If you have not yet decided on the design, the original beer tap handles can be a starting point for the rest of the design.

5. Functionality

In addition to the aesthetics, beer tap handles are bought to make beer dispensing more convenient and fast.

The faster you dispense the drinks, the more customers you can serve and, accordingly, the higher your profit will be.

Also, your earnings may be affected by the spectacularity of serving, which is also a «duty» of beer tap handles.

As a rule, all this is achieved by choosing the right size and shape. However, we also recommend not to forget about the functionality.

At this stage, you need to decide: Do you want a simple faucet or a device with some additional features? For example, temperature control, digital counter, etc.?

6. Branding

Proper kegerator tap handles should be:

  • Convenient to work;
  • Aesthetically attractive;
  • Advertise your bar and its products.

Yes, personalized beer tap handles help to make your establishment stand out from the competition, get acquainted visitors with the range, encourage them to try various beverages, and learn the philosophy of your establishment.

For this purpose, we recommend ordering bar taps with branding: you can apply the name of the beer variety or your bar, the original slogan or your logo.

You can place branding on the surface of the product or apply it to a metal plate that is attached to the tap handle. It can be engraving, color pattern, etc. – anything that will help to emphasize the individuality of your bar!

7. Manufacturer

Source: cancanawards.com

Among all companies offering such products, we recommend the Xpress Tap Handles company. This popular brand has been working in the field for over 10 years and knows exactly what the perfect kegerator tap handles should be like. The company uses high-quality reliable materials and offers a large selection of stylish, convenient and practical bar taps.

To order the products of this brand, you need:

  1. Choose the design, shape, material and size. Brand representatives are ready to advise you and help you choose the option that will 100% meet all your expectations.
  2. Send a sample of branding and decide on how to apply it. If you have no idea about the branding of your products, Xpress Tap Handles are ready to help you with the artwork that will promote your bar.
  3. Decide on the desired number of beer tap handles. The more you order, the higher the discount will be!
  4. Check the final work that the brand will prepare and send you for approval.
  5. Wait 1 to 4 days until the company manufactures and sends your order.

Trust Xpress Tap Handles the manufacturing of kegerator tap handles – and your establishment will become even more popular among beer lovers!