Will A Giant Teddy Bear A Good Gift This New Year?

Yes, why not? Everyone adores teddy bears, irrespective of their age and gender. There’s something attractive about these plush toys. Their innocent smiles, soft and gentle furs are enough to grab anyone’s attention. Thus they never go out of trend irrespective of the occasions you plan to gift them.

So are you planning to give one to your beloved this new year? Or are you finding it tough to choose between a mushy small and a giant teddy bear? Although all sizes are worth purchasing, giant-sized ones are still more preferable to others. Are you thinking why?

Read on, as we uncover some reasons here.

Still Confused? Follow These Reasons To Present A Giant Teddy Bear This New Year!

1. More cuddles

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Who doesn’t like cuddling? In fact, the more you get, the more you crave it. And when you get a teddy bear that is a giant-sized one, you get a better cuddling companion for sure. And it’s all thanks to their bigger size.

Whether you are relaxing or watching your favorite TV show, your teddy bear will always be there to shower you with endless amounts of love. Plus, even better is that their gigantic size doesn’t let them go out of sight. This is why they naturally evolve as a part of the family in no time.

Cuddling with your bear can help reduce the anxiety and tensions and help you get a lot of love and warmth with their cute hugs. So, if you’re thinking of giving a bear this New Year to your close ones, go for it!

2. Giant bears are timeless

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It is pretty apparent that the small bears are cute, but as we grow up, be it knowingly or unknowingly, we distance ourselves from them. And I feel it’s their size and our age that contradicts leading to the distance. But that’s not the case with the giant-sized ones here.

They are timeless. All infants to grown-up adults are compelled to share a certain intriguing bond that never fades away. Besides, adults feel safe and warm from their teddy bears, making it easy to spend their night with that huge comforting creature.

3. Preserve special memories

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Unlike other playthings, teddy bears maintain an unimaginable command to form everlasting memories for ages. If you are giving a giant teddy bear for a particular occasion such as the new year, this would be a great gift to welcome and permit the receiver to hold onto the memories from that day.

Irrespective of your age, teddy bears are certainly the most cherished gift, reminding us of the positive aspect of the world. Especially where things are turning uncertain with time.

4. A Countenance of Love

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Let’s be honest. A partner can’t linger around their beloved 24×7. Of course, your partner can be around you, but they can’t monitor your activities all day long. That’s because we all have a certain task to perform, and sitting idle won’t help either. This certainly might give rise to a situation where one might feel trapped in emotion that may hurt their self-esteem.

Having a teddy bear around can help them cope in such a scenario. Your gift could help them get over the negative thoughts and help them acknowledge their worth and your love.

Teddy Bears are undeniably the best present that you can give to anyone at any age. Now that you have understood why teddy bears in general and the giant ones, in particular, make the best gift, click here to buy one today to gift this new year!

5. Takes care of your emotional and mental health

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Yes, you’ve read it right! This appropriately furred animal not only stands with you in your bad times, but it is one of the reasons you can get a partner who can ameliorate your emotional and mental health. Just like spending time with your loved ones makes you feel positive and better, spending time with this adorable animal makes you deal with your emotions maturely. They help you give scope to explore and understand your feelings.

There are specific issues in your life that can have a negative impact on your mental health. The comforting hugs of this companion can help you steer clear of negativity and aids in dealing with situations more maturely!

6. Helps you in providing support & comfort

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In these Covid times where people are bound to remain in the four walls of the house, they’re becoming more alone and need support. The support may be mental, physical, or psychological. With the help of these plush toys, you can offer assistance and comfort to the people you love. These friendly faces undoubtedly prove to be the most excellent companion for the people stuck in their homes and are away from the warmth of their loved ones.

A chunk of studies proves that teddy bears can ease anxiety and offer the warmth and love required to improve emotional health with their comforting hugs and cuddles.

7. Best sleeping companion


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You can ensure giving the best sleeping buddy to your close ones this New Year by gifting an adorable giant bear. It indeed is a great gift that acts as the last home to the people, but its soft furs help you sleep better at night. Just like hugging your loved one makes you feel content and secure, hugging a giant fluffy bear at night makes you feel safe and comfortable.

According to a survey, 40% of people still sleep with their plush toys! So it is sufficient to support that these toys act as the best companions for the people who need elevated self-esteem and other problems. Having a teddy bear company can make you worry less and have a sound sleep at night. So don’t think much; get a cute stuffed animal today for the people you love this New Year!