Is StubHub a Legit Place to Buy Tickets?

You’re itching to see Bruno Mars in concert on his tour for his latest album. You mark your calendar for the day the tickets are released. You wait at your computer to find the best seats available, but the website is so busy that it crashes and before you know it, the concert is sold out.

What do you do now?

Your only choice is to buy a ticket secondhand or not to see the concert at all. But do you want to run the risk of buying from a stranger?

Fake tickets and scalpers have become a common fear among the average concert-goer or sports event attendee. The rise of the online marketplace, Facebook event groups, and mobile payment service apps such as Venmo have created an anonymous online playing field where ticket scammers can create fake user accounts to sell fake tickets and con people out of their money.

Buying from anywhere other than the authentic event page runs a risk. How do you know what websites, platforms, or people to trust?

This is where StubHub comes in.

What is StubHub?

StubHub is an online website marketplace that sells millions of tickets to music, live sporting events, and theater events in more than 40 countries worldwide. It boasts of “The StubHub Promise“, where they guarantee every ticket will be legit and valid to ensure safety and confidence to both buyers and sellers.

They also have mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. StubHub’s user-friendly interface makes buying and selling tickets fast and easy.

As a buyer, you can search for events by type of event or location to find events nearest to you. If you have a particular artist or comedian you’d like to see, you can see all of his or her events in all available touring locations. Sort by the date of the event get more on this site, and filter by the price you’re willing to pay.

The main StubHub event categories:

  • Sports events
  • Concerts
  • Theatre

Not only is this the place to find your ticket to your next music festival or theater performance, but StubHub also offers tickets to major sporting events including the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and college sports.

As a seller, you can simply input your ticket information into the website and StubHub will help you find a buyer.

Is StubHub Legit?

Yes! StubHub is a legit and safe place to buy and sell tickets for any type of event. StubHub offers the “100% FanProtect Guarantee”, which promises that the tickets you buy on their site will be real and valid.

Should you find yourself in the unlikely situation where your tickets are invalid, StubHub will replace your tickets or you will receive a full refund. Your tickets are safe if they’re from StubHub!

How does StubHub work?

Buying on StubHub

StubHub wants to make buying tickets as easy as possible. You don’t even need to create an account to buy tickets, you can simply be a guest user (although creating a StubHub account is free). Once you find your event, you can sort your ticket options by price or seat. Then, simply connect your payment information and buy your ticket.

StubHub will provide you with an expected delivery date by the end of the day! The only caveat ─ StubHub does not accept cash or checks. You can only purchase tickets using a credit or debit card, a PayPal account, or a gift card. When you purchase your ticket(s), you may notice some additional fees added to your total.

Be aware that by using StubHub you will be subjected to their ticketing fees, which helps them create a secure platform where buyers are protected 100% guaranteed. At the time of writing the fees are 10% for buyers, so if the ticket is $50, you’ll pay $55 including the StubHub fees.

Selling on StubHub

If you have tickets that you are looking to sell (say plans changed and you can’t make it to your event anymore), StubHub is an online marketplace that will help you connect with buyers who are interested in buying tickets to that event.

You can create an account and fill out the details of your tickets including the number of tickets, where the seats are located, and delivery information. There is a pricing model available to help set your price in comparison to other sellers and the type of event. Once your tickets are purchased by a buyer, you will receive an email notification. It’s as easy as that, as StubHub does most of the work for you.

There are many different delivery options for sellers to send their buyers tickets, some of which include: mobile transfer, sending PDF files, and pickup or delivery of paper tickets. As a seller, you can choose different payment methods. Some differ between countries, but most include methods such as direct deposit into your bank account or getting paid using PayPal. There is a specific option if you live in the United States and are selling ticket(s) for an event in the United States, which is donating to 1 out of 6 available charities StubHub offers to be used for your payout.

Be aware that StubHub charges you a selling fee for using their platform. At the time of writing, this is 15% of the sale price. So if you sell your tickets for $50, you’ll get $42.50, less the $7.50 StubHub fee (10% of $50).

How to tell if StubHub tickets are real?

All tickets on StubHub are real with the assurance of the “100% FanProtect Guarantee”. Certain signs may lead you to believe the particular tickets you bought on StubHub aren’t legit, but many of these can be explained.

For example, if the price of the ticket is listed as $0.00, they could have been complimentary tickets that the seller received and is choosing to resell. If you think that the ticket listing is shady for any reason we suggest you contact StubHub support before buying.

What happens if my tickets purchased on StubHub turn out to be fake?

Under “The StubHub Promise”, every ticket is backed by StubHub. In the unlikely event that tickets purchased on StubHub turn out to be fake, you can contact StubHub’s customer service. They will either give you free replacement tickets or refund you the full cost that you paid. There are not many places that offer such an ironclad guarantee.

How to Contact StubHub Customer Service

There are many ways to get in contact with StubHub for questions and/or concerns. On the StubHub website, they have a list of frequently asked questions. They also have a peer-to-peer community for StubHub users to ask questions and communicate with each other.

If you have a more specific question or concern, there is a 24/7 chat service available for both computer and mobile devices. Lastly, there are phone numbers for US/Canada during business hours (Monday through Friday 5 am to 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 5 am to 8 pm, Pacific Standard Time). If you are calling from outside of the US or Canada, there are phone numbers for Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. These numbers are listed on the StubHub website.

For all other countries, a phone number with long-distance rates is available (also on the StubHub website). StubHub customer service is also onsite for many major events such as large festivals or championship games. If you reside in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, you can find in-person help at StubHub’s Last Minute Services (LMS) Centers.

StubHub FAQs


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Are StubHub tickets guaranteed?

Yes, all StubHub ticket purchases are guaranteed legit or your money back. The StubHub promise explicitly states ” Get valid tickets to any event or your money back”, and goes on to state ” A full refund if your event is canceled and not rescheduled” so you can be assured that you will get legitimate tickets or your money back.

Is StubHub owned by Ticketmaster?

No, StubHub is not owned by Ticketmaster. StubHub was founded in 2000 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr and was later acquired by eBay in 2007.

Is StubHub or Ticketmaster better?

The acquisition of StubHub by Viagogo marks a monumental moment in the live event ticketing industry. Stemming from a strategic business decision, Viagogo recognized the opportunity to strengthen its position as a global leader in ticket resale by acquiring StubHub, a renowned marketplace for live event tickets. With a shared vision of enhancing customer experience and expanding market reach, the acquisition was driven by the mutual understanding of the synergies between the two platforms.

Through this acquisition, Viagogo gains access to StubHub’s extensive user base and established brand reputation, while StubHub benefits from Viagogo’s advanced technology and global network.

This strategic move not only solidifies Viagogo’s presence in the industry but also opens up new avenues for innovation and growth. Together, StubHub and Viagogo are poised to revolutionize the way people access and experience live events worldwide.