Should You Buy an Adult Toy as a Present – 2024 Guide

Giving is never easy and whenever you want to give something away, the same things come to mind. Aren’t you tired of giving boyfriend socks or a sweater this year as well? To buy girl flowers, chocolate, or her favorite perfume? To give a best friend a book or a bottle of her favorite wine?

If you want to choose something different, in a mischievous and fun style, and if the person to whom the gift is intended is also open-minded and likes to experiment, you don’t have too difficult a task – so give her an erotic toy!

In case you didn’t know, sex toys aren’t just meant to be used solo. They can be a great addition to stir up a relationship with a partner. For a long-term marriage or relationship, sex is indispensable, and people with whom it is regular are certainly happier.

However, if sex becomes a routine, many couples resort to buying sex toys. So, this could be the perfect gift for your partner (and you, of course!). Although we break down various taboo topics from year to year, many still feel uncomfortable walking into a sex shop, looking closely and carefully choosing exactly what they need. Fortunately, today there are many sex shops online, so you can order whatever you want without any inconvenience. Lovify recommends you choose something you will both enjoy it.


Some might be offended at first when they open a gift. Why? Well, maybe their ego could get a little hurt thinking that their partner gave them a gift like this because he is dissatisfied with sex. Some may want to communicate this in a subtle way, but we believe that there are still more who simply want to “spice up” the relationship and try something new. In addition, this is a great hobby in moments when the partner is not in the mood to cuddle.

There is one more thing we must mention when it comes to buying a sex toy for your man with the goal of trying it out together. Sexy toys are great gifts, but avoid any product that claims to be ‘bigger’ or ‘harder’ and any associations to the size of his penis. A vibrating ring is a good choice, as it is a toy that provides pleasure for both. Sex manuals are also a good shared gift: you can flip through them in pairs and get inspired by ideas.

A sex toy could be a very interesting gift for a best friend who has been alone for a long time. In addition to having a sweet laugh when she opens the gift, we are sure she will keep it in a drawer near the bed. It is no secret that many solo people are in a relationship with a certain toy.


What are the most popular sex toys?

It is difficult to point out one when it comes to a wide range. Probably the first thing most people think of is a dildo or vibrator. Yes, they are really one of the most popular. By giving away a vibrator or dildo, every woman will be happy with it, even if she is not in a relationship. However, there are also vaginal balls that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and provide special pleasure during sex. Their primary goal is to improve orgasm, in which they succeed. For those a little bolder, there are also anal toys. A clitoral stimulator can be a useful gift, as it will last for years, and you will give her hours of incredible pleasures.

What should I pay attention to when shopping?

That woman like extremely long penises is a stereotype that many do not fit into. Very often this is a completely wrong way of thinking. If you are not sure what the person you want to give away, for example, a dildo, prefers, then it is best to buy some medium size. The material the toy is made of is an important item – how you know which lubricant to use, what kind of toy it will touch (completely hard, completely soft, or something in between), and how it will transmit vibrations, and how it is maintained. One of the biggest factors when choosing a vibrator or dildo is whether you want its shape to mimic a real penis or you want something stylized from your imagination. Opinions are divided, so certain women prefer the “right thing” while others want an imaginary form with which to satisfy their hidden fantasies.

Adult Toy


Given the many nerve endings in the anus, many women enjoy the charms of anal stimulation, and buying a toy like this is an ideal gift for them. Anal toys can be classified into the following categories – anal beads, anal butt plugs, and anal dildos. When choosing, pay attention to the size and materials of construction, smaller toys will surely suit beginners more.

Choosing the first toy is a frightening experience for many because there is no previous knowledge of how to use them, how our body will react to them, whether it will really create comfort, how we imagine it, whether we will know how to use them, whether we will do it with a partner… Although research confirms that they are used more by women, especially those in relationships, the market is large enough to meet the needs of all. And there are no age or gender limits.

Final thoughts

A sex toy can unlock your hidden sexual potential, and the best is the one of a high quality that will give you years of orgasms! Try one of these alone or with a partner to see how much fun sex toys can be! We believe that the person to whom you gave this gift will be eternally grateful!

Try something new. With an open mind, love, and support from a partner combined with curiosity, each couple can introduce toys into their sexual routine and enjoy the new feelings it provides you.