9 Tips to Consider Before Selecting an Airport for Your Vacation

In 2019, NerdWallet commissioned a survey that Harris Poll conducted online among over 1,800 adults in the United States. Over 72 percent of them stated that the ticket cost plays a crucial determining factor when boarding a particular airport to and fro.

However, travel specialists advise that basing your decisions on just ticket price doesn’t cut it. Whether you travel to or from any airport ranked on the list of the best and worst airports in Europe, you need to exercise caution before embarking on any trip. You can read more about this in Holidu’s study here.

Consider these vital tips before selecting an airport for your vacation:

1. Getting to and from an airport

Factoring in the expenses of getting to and from the airport to your final destination is essential. Airports farther from the city’s center may cost less to fly to.

However, you might spend more money and time – as there may be limited public transportation and cost-effective taxis – to get to where you need to be.

2. On-time records

Source: cirium.com

When choosing any of several airports, choosing one that is more convenient or cheaper to fly is always tempting.

However, you should consider what it will cost you when it comes to time. A few airports are infamous for ground stops – i.e., air traffic specialist injunctions that delay the flow of aircraft – late departures, or both.

For instance, according to Statistics by the US Department of Transportation, the LaGuardia-to-Fort Lauderdale course was the record constantly delayed air trip in the USA in 2019.

The US Department of Transportation allows travelers to explore on-time stats via flight numbers.

3. Availability of nonstop flights or direct routes

Most travelers don’t consider direct or nonstop flights against a stopover. A flight with a stopover may save you some money. However, it will cost you a lot in terms of convenience or comfort. You will be required to gate-check your baggage and squeeze yourself into a puddle-jumper.

Therefore, find out the availability of direct flights over those with stopovers, including times of arrivals and departures, etc. Such flights will help shorten your flight times and eliminate gate checks or sitting uncomfortably.

4. Security checkpoint during wait times

The time you spend waiting in security queues at an airport counts greatly, especially if you are on a very tight schedule. However, several tools can assist you.

For instance, let’s say you need to travel out of Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, and have to pick between Midway and O’Hare. You can check if the airports have a brief security line wait period within your traveling window by downloading and installing the Transportation Security Administration’s (MyTSA) application on your smartphone.

You may also use TSA Precheck to expedite all airport security processes so you don’t get delayed longer than necessary.

5. Find out the location of the car rental counters

Source: portseattle.org

Some airports are considerate while others are not. Passengers can use the airport shuttle to nearby car rental counters, while others leave you to your fate.

Check the airport’s site to see if you can find a car rental portal. If not, find the websites of car rental companies at your location to see if they offer services where you’re going.

You will have several transportation options and solid information you can use to plan your moves to your vacation destination.

6. Explore food options

No one ever wants to get stuck at an airport on an empty stomach or with a hungry family. Therefore, getting up to speed on several dining options around you is vital.

There are tons of eateries like McDonald’s, KFC, etc., and candy kiosks where anyone can grab a quick bite. Some airport sites have a section with an extensive list of multiple eating options, from full-blown formal food affairs to low-key or low-budget family-friendly options.

Vegans, picky eaters, and gluten-free individuals of all ages also have unique choices.

7. Currency

Many travelers fail to do this, but one of the most crucial things to consider is the exchange rates. Figuring out the exchange rates of your vacation destination before you take off is an excellent idea.

Some travelers also make the mistake of exchanging their cash for foreign currency long before reaching their final destinations. If you do this, you may lose a lot of money, especially if you performed the transaction via your local bank or did it while waiting for your flight at the airport.

However, you may get more value for your money by using the ATM at your travel location. It is the best place to get the best rates when exchanging your money for the local currency.

Don’t forget to inform your local bank that you will be traveling or going on vacation. Your bank will place a ‘travel alert’ on your bank account. This prevents any freezes/temporary holds on your bank account as a result of any spending which they may perceive suspiciously.

8. Accommodations

Source: schengenvisainfo.com

You will discover several options when looking for a place to stay. The kind of traveling you do, as well as your style, will determine where you stay.

For instance, there are several Bed-and-Breakfasts and hotels. If you prefer a lower price and a different experience, consider booking a holiday rental or checkout CouchSurfing in search of short-term lodging in residential places.

9. Avoid airports with unsatisfactory services

Several months ago, Air France was forced to suspend operations in Liberia due to poor geopolitics and profits. It was discovered that African airports – as well as several airports in Europe – have a wide range of issues such as unsatisfactory customer care, lack of basic infrastructure, etc.

You can save yourself the stress of unsatisfactory customer support by picking an airport that makes such services a top priority for travelers.


You should consider all tips shared to make a fully informed decision when choosing an airport for your vacation. Suppose you adhere to these vital travel tips. In that case, you will have more enjoyable, pleasurable, and hitch-free trips to and from your vacation destinations.